six things

I’m pretty sure this is the first time anyone has ever tagged me for a meme. Whee!

So, ok. Six weird things about me. Here goes:

1. I am a compulsive food hoarder. I buy all kinds of junk food, which I mostly don’t eat, it just somehow comforts me to know that it’s there (in case of emergencies or whatever). Which sucks for Dave, because he cannot resist the junk food. So he eats it, and then I have to buy more to hoarde. It’s a vicious cycle. We both need help.

2. I have two tattoos: a wilted lily on my ankle (because I was very sad when I was 21) and the symbol for Capricorn between my shoulders. I also went through a piercing phase in college, which was kind of funny because I had to take all of them out (well, the visible ones) every time I saw my parents. The only one that I miss is my eyebrow ring, because I thought I looked pretty cute with it. I suppose I could get it redone now – the culture of the Pacific Northwest is such that it really wouldn’t be a hindrance to my career at all – but it seems sort of lame to go back to body piercing in my 30’s.

3. I still sleep with the security blanket that I’ve had since I was a week old. And it’s still in one piece. I’ve tried to give it up a few times – particularly during middle and high school, when it was not exactly a cool thing to bring to sleepovers – but I have nightmares when I sleep without it. So the blankie has stuck around. And whenever Dave teasingly takes it away from me, I get really irrationally upset.

4. Before I moved to the boonies, I never left the house without make-up on, ever. I do now, on occasion, if I’m only going to the grocery store or something like that. Believe me, the women that live around here? Even without mascara, I’m still pretty hot by comparison. I guess farm life must make you age prematurely or something – there are some seriously hard-lookin’ ladies in these parts. 

5. This is one that drives Dave absolutely insane: I talk during movies. I’m one of those annoying movie trivia people. “Hey, that’s the guy who was in such-and-such,” that kind of thing. I know it bothers him, so I try to keep my mouth shut, I really do, but I just cannot rein in my random little factoids.

6. One of my favorite foods from my childhood is peanut butter and grape jelly – not on a sandwich, mind you, but spooned into a bowl and then stirred into a disgustingly brown mess. With a glass of (lactose-free) milk on the side. Yum.

People I’m tagging: Cat, Danielle, Cara and Sally. But, you know, only if you want to. No pressure.