it's not un-yooo-sual

Cate’s two month pediatrician appointment was this afternoon. Baby Girl now weighs 11 pounds, 7 ounces – she’s basically doubled her birth weight. I guess that explains those chubby little cheeks, no?

She also got four vaccines today. I made Dave come with us, so I wouldn’t be the evil mommy who takes her to the mean doctor’s office. It’s only fair, we both had to endure the Wrath. Have you ever seen a baby open her mouth in a scream face and no noise comes out for like ten seconds, because there’s a really long inhale that’s leading to one ginormous, earth-splitting shriek? Yeah, we had that. It was pretty awful.

Before the doctor’s appointment, she was all happy and playful. And since today is my dad’s birthday, I made a movie of her this morning “dancing” in her new bouncer, which she absolutely adores. (The other bouncer, which I bought at a garage sale for $3, lives in our bathroom so I have a place to put her when I need to get dressed or take a shower.)

Notice the collar on her pajamas there? The poor baby has like five chins and almost no neck, so I can’t button the top snap on most of her little outfits. The end result is a little Tom Jones-ish. I think I need to get her some gold necklaces and maybe draw on some fake chest hair to complete the look.

4 thoughts on “it's not un-yooo-sual

  1. I know exactly that cry! It’s like a little calm before the storm. You have just enough time to say, “Uh-oh, here it comes!” and then it’s a Wall of Sound.

    Watching a baby get shots makes me a little teary-eyed in sympathy.

    The grandaddy-birthday video is ADORABLE! She’s such a big, happy girl!

  2. Love the video. Isn’t it great that they start being more and more of a little person, instead of a “blob” (tm Angelina Jolie)?

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