In an effort to become more environmentally aware, I have decided to blogpool with Cindy. Not only does blog-pooling result in less harm to the environment, reducing the emission of noxious gases from the internet that are destroying the ozone layer , but it also entitles one to use the HOV lanes on the information superhighway. You want to double your bandwidth and help the cause? Blogpooling is the way to go!

But seriously; it appears that I am such a clutz for allowing some idiot spammer to hack my site that I’ve had to shut it down for now. Not that I was exactly prolific, but it still pissed me off none the less. For now though, Cindy has a new blog-buddy.


2 thoughts on “Blogpooling

  1. Could it be? A post by Dave after so long? Nothing since the bleak posts of January 7th Numanuma and now he's snuck into an established and reliable blog as this? Good blog-pooling Dave!

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