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Since Dave’s blog went away (tons o’ comment spam + never posting = why bother keeping it?), I set him up with an account here. So, you may now start seeing the occasional post from my darling husband. Of course, if he becomes a regular contributor on, I’m going to have to change my little tagline, because my blog won’t be all about the nerdy southern girl anymore, but about her significant other as well. Hmm, how to sum up both of our lives in one quick, catchy phrase? That’ll be a challenge. Anyway, be on the lookout to see if he starts writing anything. Or, start leaving him nasty comments and emails telling him to get on the stick and start blogging.

2 thoughts on “new author

  1. I have a tagline suggestion! How about:

    The musings of a nerdy southern girl and her dashing English sidekick facing adventure and mayhem in the Pacific Northwest.

    It could eventually become a Lifetime made-for-TV movie trailer.

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