the busy bee

So, let’s see. This week I found a dress, which has been ordered in my size, and since I paid a rush fee, it should be here in plenty of time before the wedding (also allowing time for any last-minute alterations that might need to be done). For the record, I have pictures of the dress so I could show it to my mom, Mags, my sister & a couple of friends, but I’m not posting them here. You’ll just have to wait until you see the wedding photos. I must say, though, that I am really annoyed with most of the women who work in bridal shops, who stare at me incredulously, and almost all of them say things like, “You’re getting married in less than 3 months and you’re just now getting around to looking for a dress??” I’ve been engaged for 4 days, lady, back off. Then they point me toward the maternity dress section. No thanks, it’s not that type of wedding. I promise.

Also, on Monday, I had a job interview at a very large software company that everyone in the world knows the name of, but which I shall refrain from writing here just in case they end up being my future employer. (Here’s hoping.) I was supposed to have a 2nd interview with them this morning, but the person I was supposed to meet with got stuck on the east coast and couldn’t get a flight back in time to meet with me. So that’s been postponed, probably until early next week. Keep your fingers crossed.

Today, I am frantically cleaning so we can take off this afternoon for the mountains in eastern Washington. I know I don’t have to leave the house spotless for the cat-sitter, but it makes me feel better if it’s at least somewhat presentable. Anyway, this is the romantic Valentine’s weekend trip that we were supposed to take last week, but then Dave got sick and it didn’t work out. I’m really excited to be going this week, I think some quiet time in the mountains will be wonderful. But before we leave town, we have a meeting with the event coordinator at the place where we want to have our wedding. This less-than-3-months thing is gonna be fun. Whee!

One last side note: Project Runway last night was FABULOUS!! It was “beat up on Wendy” night, which was awesome to watch. The one thing that disappointed me was that I thought I really liked Vanessa, but she was such a sour-grapes bitch that I’ve pretty much decided that I don’t like her anymore. But the outtakes were great – my favorite was during the credits, Austin flitting around in front while Jay was doing some kind of kung fu samurai thing with an empty roll of fabric as his sword/light saber in the background. Awesome.

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  1. My favorite part was when Jay told Vanessa she had "no soul." That was freakin' awesome, despite the fact that he was kind of defending Wendy. (WHY?!?)Also: who drew on Wendy's photo of her daughter? I was totally bummed that they didn't reveal that — you just KNOW they have footage of it somewhere…

  2. Oh my God, I ALWAYS clean for the pet-sitter. You're so funny (and you're not alone). I totally thought they were going to show footage of the Photo Defiler last night when Mr. Make It Work Carry On introduced the recap montage. I want Jay to win; I really do.

  3. It's cool to see that people spread around the country can become united by their mutual interest in a TV show. I wonder about the possibility of mending the division of the nation by some kind of TV show that has universal appeal to Americans. Perhaps a reality show that pits contenders against each other in contests that reveal their intelligence, charisma and fortitude might be used to determine who the President should be.

  4. I think Jay already had a bone to pick with Vanessa, and he used the Wendy thing as an excuse to go after her. He seemed pissed at her the whole time she was there. I think the mustache-drawer was probably one of the models. It seems just juvenile enough for one of them to have done it.

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