The Ring

Now, I know I was bummed that Dave got sick last week and that we had to postpone our trip to the mountains in eastern Washington, but I actually had quite the spectacular Valentine’s Day weekend. Why, you ask? Well, I think this might have had something to do with it. Oh wait, is that not a good enough close-up? How’s this? That’s right folks, it is now official: Dave and I are engaged. I kind of had a suspicion that he was going to propose when we were on our trip (he’s a really bad actor), and even though we didn’t get to go on the trip, he was apparently too preoccupied with the idea of proposing to wait until next weekend. So instead, he proposed over the kitchen table on Friday night. Of course, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes. He then called my dad to get his blessing. It was a really great night.

The thing is, we had been talking about getting married in the fall, but then we realized that his mom and brother will both be here in the spring, my best friend Kris will be here after she finishes school for the semester, and the odds of getting everybody together again in 6 months seemed like an impossible task. So we’re getting married on May 7th. As in, less than 3 months from now. I’m only mildly starting to panic, but we’re going to keep the wedding very small, so it shouldn’t be too bad. The last thing I want is to go into Bride Stress Mode. Since my mom does alterations for a living, I have encountered many a bride-to-be in my day, and they all seemed to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I don’t want that, I want to be the Fun Bride. (This is why I started doing goofy dances in a posh bridal shop yesterday to entertain Dave. And did I mention that I was trying on wedding gowns at the time?) I’m considering the idea of dressing the entire wedding party in clown outfits. Ok, so I’m really not. But this wedding is going to be fun, dammit!

So that’s my big news. I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day – although I don’t know if it’s possible for anyone to have had a better one than me.

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  1. Cindy! Congrats! Larry and I are also members of the move-it-along quickly marriage club! This is awesome!Wow, y'all AND Mary Kay LeTourneau are getting married. This makes my day!

  2. Wow. I'm so happy for you guys! That's the day my sister is getting married; I was just saying how fast its coming up. If you''re open to it, I'd like to suggest the book, "Instant Weddings: From 'Will you?' to 'I Do?' in Four Months or Less" by Jennifer Shawne. I own it because I'm "borrowing" the illustrations for another project, but it seems like it might be helpful or sensible.Do that goofy dance all you like, bebe. 🙂

  3. Congratulations you crazy kids! 81 days and counting!!! Remind me to send you a stress inducing "Dave and Cindy's wedding Countdown timer"!!

  4. Welcome to the Married in 2005 Club! We're glad to have you here! :)Also, I plan events for a living, all day long, so if you have any questions — feel free to give me a call!One note: In the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw, "There is nothing scarier than a clown."

  5. Who's a very happy Mum!!!!!!!!??????Fantastic ring Cindy, who says Dave hasn't good taste?Congratulations to you both from Steve and I. Now I am really really looking forward to my visit

  6. Aw, thanks y'all. I'm really very happy – although I'll be happier as soon as I find a dress. I saw one at the 2nd bridal shop we went to, and both Dave & I loved it, but it was waaaay expensive. But I've been to oh-so-many stores since then and I haven't seen anything else that I've liked nearly as much, so I may just bite the bullet and get it. It's not like I'm going to do this more than once in my life. Dave M, we're coming to the UK in June. If you send me that countdown timer, you will be promptly bitchslapped upon our arrival. I agree that clowns are scary. Plus my sister would never forgive me. But I suppose I could have some trained poodles run in on their hind legs while balancing bouquets on their noses.Just a thought. Mags, can't wait to see you! You know the day after our wedding is Mother's Day – how appropriate!

  7. Well, that IS a terrific Valentine's! Congratulations, Cindy & Dave. You'll have fun planning a wedding in less than 3 months, but I know you can pull it off!

  8. I should probably clarify that last post was obviously from Cindy and not me. Despite how much I enjoy shopping for dresses , it is certainly not something I would admit to willingly.Now excuse me, I feel the urge to go shop for shoes… 🙂

  9. My wedding advice, the advice I give everyone: if there is some weird wedding tradition that you think is lame, don't do it! Hate the veil? Bye, veil! Think the part where they boy takes your garter off is retarded? No garter for you! Do what you want and make the day about y'all and not about tradition.Also: we planned ours in less than 3 months.

  10. Yeah, I thought you were gonna bitchslap me Dave! Bring it on! My wedding advice to you though Dave is – do the speeches before the dinner, then you will actually eat. If you have the meal first you will just go a-starvin'(unless U.S. weddings are very unlike the trad Brit thing)

  11. See, this is what happens when people share laptops. Yes, the above comment was me, not Dave. Sally: I totally agree on the non-traditional thing. I'm definitely skipping the veil and the "first dance" (the thought alone of doing that makes me want to die of embarassment). I hadn't thought about the garter, but since there won't be that many people there to catch garters/bouquets, we'll probably skip that, too.

  12. Congratulations you two!I'm a firm believer in The First Dance, but I'm an even bigger believer in the principal of Its My Wedding And You Can Take That Tradition That I Don't Like And… Do Something Unplesant.:-)

  13. You know what I realized last night? (This is going to sound weird for those of you, like Dave's mother, who have actually met Cindy and Dave.) Dave probably has a British accent.Marrying a guy with a British accent? Fun! Not that the Love of Your Life part isn't fun, but still… How hot is that?

  14. I agree with Carl – and I have a British accent. (obviously not a James Bond one though; more a Jimmy Nail one…). My surname's Moore though…

  15. Don't worry Carl, there's plenty of guys around here who have the regular American accent 🙂

  16. Not to be confused with this Dave with the British accent – you ain't heard me talk and it ain't no hotness, lady!

  17. DaveM's accent is definitely a different from mine but I don't know if anyone could tell the difference over here. It works the same in reverse…It took me 2 years to be able to tell the difference between Canadian and USA accents. ;)It's nice to have positive comments about the accent though, I used to get called a 'Toff' when I lived up North because of my Southern-Shandy-Drinking accent…Ho-hum.

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