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I forgot to mention in my insanely long post yesterday, I’ve added photos to the Thanksgiving album, and a whole bunch are now in my Christmas album. Feel free to browse, and take in all of the holiday festiveness! (Yes, I’m being sarcastic… I’m not even sure if “festiveness” is a word.)

My friend Opie (don’t worry, that’s a nickname) is here from Nashville for a job interview. He’s getting his Ph.D. in psychology and has to do a one-year internship, so he’s checking out a couple of places here; and of course, since he’s still in school, he’s completely broke, so I’m letting him crash on my futon. Which is no big deal, really, he’s an old friend and it’s been good to have some time to catch up with him. I just feel bad that I haven’t taken him sightseeing around Seattle at all, because I’ve been so tired from our trip. And he’s leaving tomorrow. Oh well, if he ends up with a job here, I’m sure I’ll see him a lot more often.

Not much else going on. Dave’s coming over to meet Opie tonight and we’ll go to dinner. Should be fun.

24 thoughts on “new pics

  1. Monkeyboy's friends need to intervene and help him do something about his Friskies habit. He's out of control.

  2. I think the problem is, Monkeyboy's brother Toby (who wasn't technically from the same litter, but they'd been together since they were 4 weeks old), had to be put to sleep almost 2 years ago. Since then, I think Mr. FunkyMonkey (as he is also known) has been eating for two – himself and his absent sibling. Meanwhile, Toby's actual litter mate, Gabby, is still thin as a rail and evil as all hell. Go figure.

  3. Judging by pic 5 of 24 Christmas 2004, I'd say that by Dave's expression, you are punching him in the not too pleasants….

  4. I most certainly was NOT punching him in the not-too-pleasants (nor have I ever done so, for the record). He's just a bit more dramatic than anyone realized.

  5. That tends to be my punishment for both rowdiness and lollygaggery. It's usually only used when 'that look' doesn't work.And what's with giving me vulcan ears on Pic 3?

  6. I didn't alter the photos whatsoever. If you have an issue with your appearance in them, take it up with my sister's camera.

  7. Hmmm, next time I won't mention the pics. I wouldn't want to be accused of starting a domestic….Cindy, don't know if you've seen the photo of Dave from school I have. I will e-mail it to you so you can replace the cat picture with it….

  8. It's awesome, but Teenie shall remain the web site mascot, as I do not wish to be dumped by my boyfriend less than 2 weeks before my birthday. 🙂

  9. So did you watch Project Runway last night? I like how almost every single thing from the preview was twisted. And poor Austin. I feel bad for making fun of his boohooing now. However, his dress SUCKED.

  10. I am not evil. I'm a sharer. (Although if ever there was a picture of me kicking about like that – I would erase it from the planet (and not post it to a website!!))

  11. Yeah, I guess that was a little dumb on my part (I posted an old school pic of mine onto an unnamed website for finding old high-school chums 🙂 )

  12. Aw, you poor silly, silly man. Actually, I thought the picture was very cute. I like the little schoolboy uniform with the tie. 🙂 It's sweet.

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