Project Runway Drama

This probably holds no interest for anyone except a couple of the girls who read this, but here goes the summary of last night’s Project Runway. For those who didn’t see it (read: guys), here’s the recap: 9 designers were split into 3 teams of 3, and they had to each come up with a dress for some new annoying singer whose album is in stores and is apparently being heavily marketed. The singer is kind of like an Avril Lavigne-Ashlee Simpson-Courtney Love hybrid. She seems to like the tattered babydoll-whore look, but she’s total cheese pop music with a faux punk coating. So the three designs they came up with were Kevin’s (which won, for some reason), Austin’s (which, as Sally has already mentioned, was truly god-awful) and Jay’s (my personal favorite).

Anyway, they all had to vote as to who was the weakest person on each team, and then the judges made the final decision on who’d get booted. Unfortunately, this week it was Vanessa, the cute British woman who actually seems like someone I could be friends with in real life because she’s a bit of a loudmouth smartass. I really wanted them to boot Nora, who cried through a good portion of this week’s episode – and accused everyone of stealing a pattern piece that she lost, and then cried more when someone called her on it. Nora also has a really stupid quasi-mohawk hairdo that I am quite honestly sick of looking at, so I want her GONE! Her clothes are boring and ugly, so I’m holding out hope that she’s going to get kicked off the show very soon.

On the subject of Austin’s tears, which was mentioned in previous comments… I’m honestly trying to decide who’s the bigger queen between Jay and Austin. I mean, Austin’s tears this week were pretty melodramatic, but do you remember Jay’s reaction when Mario got kicked off? He said that he hadn’t boo-hooed like that in decades. Um, dude, you’re only in your 20’s, you don’t exactly have “decades” to choose from yet. And yes, Austin has the Dickensian dressing gown and the knee-high night stockings, and he is Master of the Glossy-But-Not-Whorey Lipgloss look. But Jay shows up for his interview segments wearing huge Elton John circa 1972 sunglasses and a fur wrap, for God’s sake. I think the difference is that Austin doesn’t seem to realize just how queeny he is, and Jay sort of revels in it.

So yeah, this post was mostly just for the girls. Sorry guys, I’ll try to write something more unbiased next time.

18 thoughts on “Project Runway Drama

  1. I know I should hate Jay, but I just can't…I think he is hilarious. Austin, while the Queen of Lipgloss, has absolutely no sense of humor. I thought Jay's outfit was the best also–that seat belt shredded skirt? If I were a wannabe punk princess, I totally would've chosen that.Also, Jay's Chrysler Building dress is my favorite thing anyone has designed. Except maybe for that striped penis envy outfit Robert made.

  2. Also: I am pissed that Vanessa got booted instead of annoying, whining Nora because she looks just like Larry's ex-girlfriend, and I enjoyed making this comparison every time she graced the screen.

  3. Did Larry's ex also have the stupid not-quite-a-mohawk 'do? If so, I would enjoy making negative comments whenever she came onscreen, too. I liked Robert's pin-stripe suit too, although I don't think I know any women who could actually wear it. But I agree, Jay's Chrysler building dress was amazing. I want one.

  4. If Larry ever went out with anyone who had hair like Nora's, I would divorce him.Also: Larry and gorjus are just as much into Project Runway as I am. It's for boys and girls.

  5. Oh: the way I wrote that made it sound like Larry went out with a Nora clone. He went out with a Vanessa clone, and now I cannot make this comparison.

  6. Oh that makes more sense. I thought it was a Nora clone that he dated. I would mock him endlessly for that, certainly. But Vanessa was pretty, in a long-nosed sort of way.

  7. Oh, and I'm working on Dave with the Project Runway thing, but so far he's only seen part of one episode. (I think it was "The Banana" challenge.) He seemed to like it, though.

  8. Don't get snarky with me, mister. I seem to remember someone being upset that we had to leave the apartment before the episode was over. So there.

  9. Dave, you should watch just for glimpses of Heidi Klum's boobs. We all stare at the screen, transfixed, whenever they appear. Also: gorjus has started calling all boobs "Klums."

  10. I'm totally addicted to this show. Austin and Jay are my (fabulously! gay!) favorites, but I'm also strangely fascinated by the clearly-too-old-to-be-a-hip-up-and-coming-designer Wendy, who masks her insecurity by trying to act like she doesn't care if the other designers like her or not. (For the record, she TOTALLY cares.) I think Austin is going to win.

  11. I think Cindy might have pointed them out, I can't recall. Incidentially, Cindy can usually tell at 100 paces whether someone's 'Klums' are real or fake; I usually turn to her and say 'How do you know?', I can never tell. I'm sure it's a girl thing…

  12. I think Heidi's Klums might be real, she just had a baby last May. But they are quite amazing. It's great at the beginning of each show to see her standing next to all the little anorexic 16 year-old models (who don't even need to bother wearing a bra, cuz they got nothin') and she just has this incredible va-va-voom figure.

  13. Fakes are usually the ones that defy gravity and sit just that little bit close to the neck…(and look like half tannis balls..)

  14. Debs *made* me watch the film "Striptease" (with Demi Moore), so I made notes….for future reference….

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