I wonder if his name is Homer

I want to hang out with this fella. I’d be willing to go down for some beer and doughnuts, too.

On another subject, one of the things on the agenda when Kris arrives is to go on a road trip. Originally we were going to go to Mount Rainier – however, it looks like it’s going to be cloudy with scattered showers in Seattle this weekend, which means that the mountain will be completely rainy and too cloudy to see anything. And the whole point of going is for the amazing views. So I was trying to figure out an alternative road trip, and I came up with the San Juan Islands, which is a small cluster of islands between Washington and Canada that’s just a short drive plus a ferry ride away. I found this website, which has this interesting little factoid about one of the islands:

“The Orcas make their home in the San Juans typically from late April through the end of September – sometimes longer. They can be seen from land, most likely from the west side of the island at Lime Kiln Point State Park, also known as ‘Whale Watch Park’ – the only such park in the nation, or from a commercial whale/wildlife boat.”

Are you kidding me? We can go whale-watching!! How cool is that?? I’ve never seen an orca in real life! That is too cool!! I freaked out when I read that yesterday, and I have been super-excited ever since. I cannot wait until Saturday, that’s going to be so awesome.

Side note: Today is the one year anniversary of my blog. Happy 1st birthday, PooBou.com!