a little toddler romance

This was an actual conversation tonight at bathtime.

Me: Hey Catie, did you have fun at daycare today?
[Note: I ask her this probably half a dozen times in the evening, because each time she tells me about a different part of her day.]

Catie: Yeah. I kissed a boy.

Me: What? You kissed a boy? Which boy?

Her: Um… (long pause while she tries to remember his name)… Roman.

Me: (thankful it’s a kid from her class that I know, not some random stranger-kid) Oookay. So, did you kiss Roman on the cheek?

Her: No. On the lips. And on the nose.

Me: Really?

Her: Yeah. And Miss Meeko say (mimics stern finger-wagging gesture), “You gotta stop all that kissing!”

That’s my girl. Also? Come 2022, when Catie is about 15 or so, I have a feeling that I am gonna be in for a world of trouble.