a little toddler romance

This was an actual conversation tonight at bathtime.

Me: Hey Catie, did you have fun at daycare today?
[Note: I ask her this probably half a dozen times in the evening, because each time she tells me about a different part of her day.]

Catie: Yeah. I kissed a boy.

Me: What? You kissed a boy? Which boy?

Her: Um… (long pause while she tries to remember his name)… Roman.

Me: (thankful it’s a kid from her class that I know, not some random stranger-kid) Oookay. So, did you kiss Roman on the cheek?

Her: No. On the lips. And on the nose.

Me: Really?

Her: Yeah. And Miss Meeko say (mimics stern finger-wagging gesture), “You gotta stop all that kissing!”

That’s my girl. Also? Come 2022, when Catie is about 15 or so, I have a feeling that I am gonna be in for a world of trouble.

4 thoughts on “a little toddler romance

  1. When she recounted it to me, she couldn’t even remember his name. You’re in trouble NOW….

  2. Ladies lock up your boys because heartbreaker Catie is on the loose!

    I like it better when kids think boys have cooties. Then they grow up and our anxiety medication is doubled. lol.

  3. I love these little tidbits that you get about their days. I ask my littles “what was your favorite thing today.” Sometimes, I get a good story and sometimes I get “THE ZOO!!” We haven’t been to the zoo in five months.

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