trying to work with cartoons as my background soundtrack

Catie is still sick. This is fourth day in a row of school that she’s missed. Her fever was only 100.1 this morning, so I’m hoping that means that she’s moving in the general direction of recovery.

I’m extremely fortunate that my job is so flexible about allowing me to work from home. I don’t know what other single moms do in this position. How do you miss four days of work? I mean, really, what do you do?

And honestly, Catie is a pretty easy kid to take care of, even when she’s sick. I keep pushing fluids on her, and giving her Tylenol or Motrin to keep her comfortable, but she’s mostly content, as long as she has either a movie on TV or her iPad to keep her busy. She whines a little when she’s really miserable, but mostly she’s been ok. (If it had been Lucy that got this virus? WHOLE OTHER STORY.)

As much as my parents help out, they can’t really do much when the kids are sick. My mom is so susceptible to illnesses ever since she had chemo (btw, I realized I didn’t mention it, but she recently passed the “5 years cancer-free” point, so YAY MOM!!). The last time my parents took care of one of the kids when they were sick, my mom ended up in the ER after she caught it because it hit her so much harder. So I’m just not willing to risk it. My parents are getting up there in years, and I’d like to keep them around as long as possible. Keeping my kids quarantined when they’re contagious seems like an easy trade-off.


Chris’s birthday is next week, and then Christmas is the week after that. I have no idea what to get him for either occasion. I’m normally pretty good at gift-giving, but with him, I’m just stumped.

And although The Bloggess’ latest post about best and worst gifts has had me cackling, it still hasn’t helped me figure out what I’m going to get. Dang.


Also next week: Dave is flying in to visit with the kids for the holidays. The kids are really excited to see him. I, as usual, am looking forward to sleeping a lot while the kids are with him.


Aside from Chris, I think I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done, and I mailed out my cards today. This is surprisingly punctual for me.


Nothing else new, really. I’m just over having a miserably sick kiddo, and I’m ready for some downtime.

4 thoughts on “trying to work with cartoons as my background soundtrack

  1. okay…some gift idea for me (like i have any clue…HA)…i bought my nephew a wooden watch, it is really nice and unique…or how about a good pair of sunglasses (oakley, maui jims)…a pair of Born shoes/boots (most comfortable footwear in the world)…a deal thing where you can drive down at Charlotte Motor Speedway…

    that’s all i can do on the spur of the moment. and it sucks you have to come up with two gifts in a row…don’t ever combine them…LOL

  2. Poor Catie.

    I haven’t done any Christmas shopping. I’m so bad at this.

    I hope Catie feels better. My fiancé just got sick for the first time last week, the flu, and he whined and moaned for 2 days. I guess I have a lot to look forward to!

  3. My fiance likes it when I get him tickets for things to do together. We’re craft beer fans so sometimes it’s to a beer festival, a concert, etc. I like the same kind of gifts for him…it’s way more fun to spend money on a “memory” than a thing.

    Two of his biggest hobbies are snowboarding and homebrewing so I’ve also gotten him giftcards for lift tickets or another piece of equipment for brewing.

    I’m sure Chris has different hobbies than my guy, but my point was tickets to something you’ll both enjoy or something to add to any hobby he might have. Good luck!

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