Random Sunday stuff

Lucy made a joke! We were playing upstairs in my room, and I tossed her onto my bed (which she loves).

She crawled up to my pillow, lay her head down, then looked at me, waved and said, “Ni-ni, bye-bye.” Then she cracked up laughing at herself.

I mean, ok, she’s only 11(!) months old, so it’s pretty amateur humor. And I don’t even think it’s the first time she’s done something like that, it was just the first time I noticed it. Like, whoa, she’s this whole little person instead of just a blobby baby.

And I know that it’s kind of a minor development, really. But, y’all! Baby made a joke! I’m so proud.

Lucy playing on my bed before church.


Speaking of 11 months old: holy Moses, Lucy is going to be one year old next month. I just… I can’t even.

We aren’t really doing a big thing for her birthday. We’ll do a family thing, and I’ll probably bring cupcakes for the staff at daycare. But, you know, she’s one. She isn’t going to remember if there was a party for the occasion or not.

I, on the other hand, feel as though I deserve a party for surviving this first year. Because this has been undoubtedly one of the most difficult years of my life – which of course is not Lucy’s fault, just circumstances, but still.

To that end, the lovely Greis will be coming here that weekend, and I believe the equally lovely Dawn will also be in town then, and I am planning on a girls’ night out of epic proportions. (If you’re local and around the first weekend in June? Let me know!)


Yesterday I took Catie to get a haircut from my hairstylist. Her first real, grown-up, non-Supercuts haircut. She was so excited.

Catie's getting a grown-up girl haircut. She's psyched.

She was even more excited about the fact that there was a bakery two doors down from the hair salon, so we stopped by there for a cupcake after her haircut.

Enjoying a post-haircut cupcake. That's how we roll.

That’s just how we roll.


Another random Catie aside – I know that she picks up on everything from me. Really, I do know this. So you’d think I’d be more careful about what I let her overhear, right? Well, I recently found one area where I’ve been failing at that.

Lucy loves to follow me into the kitchen and pull stuff out of the lower cabinets while I’m busy. There’s nothing dangerous that she can access, so I don’t worry about it too much.

Anyway, Catie came into the kitchen and asked why there were sponges (like, unused, still-in-cellophane kitchen sponges) on the floor. I said, “Oh, Lucy must have pulled them out of the cabinet.”

Catie gave this big heavy sigh, and said, “Ahh, dammit.”

Which is basically exactly what I say when I’m annoyed about one of the kids making a big mess. So, pretty much no question as to where she learned that. Big ol’ guilty finger is pointing right at me.

I knew that making a big stink about it would be the exact wrong thing to do, so I just kind of mildly said, “You know, sweetie, that’s a grown-up word that Mommy really shouldn’t say, so I don’t want to hear you say it either, ok?” She said ok, but now I’m waiting for that phone call from daycare.

Oh well, it could’ve been worse, right? At least it wasn’t an F-bomb.

6 thoughts on “Random Sunday stuff

  1. They’re getting SO BIG!!

    Yes, you deserve a giant party for making it through this year – I’m glad you’re going to have friends around and I sure wish I could be there, too!!

    I’m glad you used the phrase “grown up” word. I hate it when people call swear words “bad” words. It’s a perfect good word – just not for kids!! 🙂

  2. oh i love Lucy’s joke…seeing things through kids’ eyes is THE. BEST.

    that’ is hilarious about Catie and damn it! you can secretly be proud she used it in the right context!

    it’s hard to watch everything…so just remind her those are “at home” words…and if she gets caught using them elsewhere…then she will banned using them even at home!

  3. They are both so cute. Catie’s hair is GORGEOUS. I would kill for it!

    Can’t believe that sweet baby Lucy is almost 1. Where is the freaking time going?!
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  4. Yay Lucy! 1 already! If I were in town I’d so celebrate with you!

    I admit I giggled that Catie used damnit in the right context. Kids are so smart. Good move telling her it was a grown up word. If you had said a bad word she may want to use it or go to daycare and tell the kids about the cool word she learned lol.

    My gram used to say damnation. My cousin Sarah dropped & broke a glass & goes “damnation!” we knew who she learned that from!

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