20 weeks

Today was my 20-week ultrasound. Everything looks great, and Baby 2.0 is most definitely a GIRL. (She wasn’t shy at all about showing off her bits. That’s my girl!)

Baby #2 at 20 weeks

My favorite picture of her, doing a little “Fight the Power” fist raise. Mama’s little rebel.

Now Dave and I get to start arguing about names. I have one name that I love-love-LOVE, and I feel like it’s totally perfect, but Dave isn’t sure about it. So I have a list of about 20 other names that I also kinda like (even though they’re not my first choice), and we can sit down and haggle it out.

Of course, we didn’t officially decide on Catie’s name until after she was born. (It was one of 2 or 3 that we were still juggling.) I’d like to avoid that particular stress this time around, if possible.

And, uh, whenever we do decide, don’t expect me to announce it. Because I’m sorry, but I really don’t want everybody putting in their two cents about it. I’ve heard enough of that, “Oh, I knew a girl named [whatever] and she was a horrible bitch” stuff. No need for that.

I did, however, ask Catie what she thinks we should name the baby. She offered up two ideas:
1) She said we should name her Catie, “because that’s a pretty name, right, Mommy?” Well, yes, that’s why we chose it the first time. I told her that we probably wouldn’t do that because it could get really confusing.
2) She suggested we call her Baby. I told her that we probably will call her that at first, but that she still needs her own name.

So, that was useless. Never ask a 3 year-old for baby name advice, let me tell you.

Oh well, 20 more weeks (give or take) to figure it out. Wish us luck!

14 thoughts on “20 weeks

    • @miss tejota, Well, she IS probably going to have a healthy dose of Second Child Syndrome. (And I should know, since I’m the 2nd child in my family!)

  1. Yay for good visits!!!!!! (ooh, that’s a lot of exclamation points).
    When we found out our twins were girls we really struggled for names. FOUR girls names!? Oy!

    I wish you the best of luck!
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  2. Yaye for a definite girl…and she’s a total rebel already. I’m sure you won’t be excited about her showing off her girly bits in about 15 years, just sayin’!!!

    I think the name Greis/Grace/Grayce are all great names!!! LOL
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    • @AmazingGreis, Ha! You reminded me of that Chris Rock joke about how his primary job as the father of a daughter? “Keep my baby off the pole!”

  3. Oh I love the photo. YAY for baby girls.

    Baby. That is funny.

    My oldest wanted to name my middle, Squishy. We actually called her squishy for about 3 weeks until I knew it would stick if I didn’t stop. Ha.

  4. I agree that you don’t tell anyone the baby’s name. For some reason people think it’s open for discussion.

    We had a spreadsheet with name combinations for our twins. We also had a back-up boys name just in case. One of our twins was happy to show that she was a girl. The other one wouldn’t cooperate.
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    • @Shari, I did the spreadsheet during my 1st pregnancy. This time I just sent Dave an email with a list of names I like. “Here. One of these.” We’ll see!

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