fuzzy-headed, empty-tummied

I started a new diet today. Which, if we’re counting, makes this probably my third or fourth diet this year. But, every other time, it’s just been something that I tried to do on my own. This time, I have a plan. Duh-duh-DUHHH!!

Specifically, I’m doing the Fat Flush Plan. Which is pretty intense – low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat, low-everything-I-like. I’m modifying it a little bit, because while I get that her goal is to shock your system into losing weight, I also think this woman is juuust a teensy bit batshit insane. And I think that I can stick to the basic principles of her low-carb/low-cal/low-fat ideal without completely compromising the integrity of the diet. Because look, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to cook with flaxseed oil, because it’s flat-out disgusting. I’ll stick with my olive oil spray, thank you. Also, she instructs that you should eliminate salt from your diet, which, no. Cut back? Sure. But I want to enjoy my food, and salt plays a pretty major role in several things that I eat. (Besides, the main benefit from cutting out salt is that it makes all of her diuretics more effective, so I’ll lose more water weight, not real weight. Whatever.)

I am, however, doing a lot of the supplements and other things she recommends, like the cran-water (unsweetened cranberry juice diluted with water – mmm, bitter! Gag.), and I can drink hot water with lemon, no problem. She recommends this “Long Life Tonic” twice a day, which is her cran-water concoction mixed with a teaspoon of ground psyllium husks. Which I had to Google, because I didn’t know WTF psyllium was, and it turns out that it’s basically the raw form of Metamucil. Nice. So with this drink, you get bitterness and grit. Yum. Dave looked at it and said that if that’s the Long Life Tonic, he’ll just take the 5-year hit on his lifespan rather than drink it. I’m honestly not sure how long I’ll stick with it either, because it’s truly revolting. But I’ll try.

The author also frowns on caffeine and artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which means my Diet Coke is a no-no. I’m not crazy, there’s no way I can go cold turkey off of Diet Coke, but I *am* trying to cut back to maybe 2 a day (down from my usual 5). So far it’s 1:45 pm, and I’ve only had one today. I also feel light-headed and headachy, which might be a sign that I’m working on a pretty serious addiction here. I’m trying a cup of (caffeinated) green tea to see if that helps.

As for exercise, I was doing really well on my couch-to-5K plan, and I had gotten to the point where I could jog for three whole minutes without stopping, which was a first for me. And then we had to go to Mississippi, and then the house move, and everything just sorta went to crap. So I need to get back into it. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that soon, as soon as the shock on my system with this diet wears off.

So, you know, if things seem pretty whiny and bitchy around here for the next couple of weeks, you’ll know why.

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  1. Good for you! Wishing you every success! I’ve got Weight Watchers going strong now I just to to fit exercise in somewhere!

  2. My mom’s been trying to talk me into doing Fat Flush for awhile– I will try it with you. I just don’t really know what it entails, and I’m NOT giving up my Oolong tea. Even though it has caffeine.

  3. Good luck! My new diet involves being too busy to eat much, but still having time to drink lots of tea. The caffiene keeps me moving.

  4. Be careful with any new diet. I know you are a very intelligent woman, but remember, the fewer calories, the less weight but you must absolutely balance that against sustaining life. If you don’t have the energy to take care of yourself or your family, the whole thing will collapse anyway. I know this sounds like I simplified the whole thing but… eat less, do more.

  5. Eat less, exercise more… drink LOTS of coffee. Well, that’s me- once I ever have time to exercise again. Until then, coffee and birthday cake.

    Dieters are better people than me. Good luck!

  6. Hey, I wanted you to know about apple cider vinegar. It is truly a great help when it comes to controlling appetite and aids in weight loss. YOu can google it. I warm 8 oz of filtered water, add one tbl of organic honey and one tble organic apple cider vinegar, like braggs or eden’s. I do NOT need to lose weight at all, I do it to keep my acids and alkalinity in balance. BUT I lost 3 lbs anyway (which made me too thin, so I added calories in other areas. I eat alot of fat in the form of virgin coconut oil (very very healthy! Google it too) and lots of nuts. The ACV also keeps my hypoglycemia in check. I am not a health nut because I love chocolate too much but I do for the most part eat a good diet of organic and low processed foods. You should know that diet sodas are robbing you of many nutrients and the chemicals, well – you know about that. Hope that helps!

  7. Oh, and one other thing – it is very important not to OVERDO the ACV (OR ANY SUPPLEMENT!)…even healthy stuff in too large amounts can be harmful. And rinse your mouth with water after drinking your glass of honey and acv. It does have acid, being a vinegar, and acid can be rough on your teeth. It is also helpful for sore throats.

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