that ol' work/life balance

My little freelancing thing is suddenly picking up some serious momentum. I have a project starting up soon that’s going to keep me very busy over the next several weeks, and as a bonus, it’s going to bring in a nice chunk of money. And it might possibly even involve having my name in an actual book, like something you could buy on Amazon and everything. Which is sort of mind-blowingly awesome and weird.

Also, I have a couple of writing jobs to finish up that pay almost nothing, and even though I’d like to blow them off because I now have this new job, I feel like I can’t because I promised to complete these assignments, and I don’t want to burn any bridges. (Wow, longest run-on sentence ever?) So I need to finish these few things up, in addition to the new gig.

So, if you don’t hear from me too much over the coming weeks, you’ll know why.

But hey look, cute pictures of my kid!

After bathtime, new pj's
Showing off her new pajamas after bathtime. And wearing my headband as a necklace. Incidentally, lately she only wants Dave at bathtime, not me. I think it’s because he’s more tolerant of her squirting him in the eye with her bath toys than I am.
See that little arm hooked around his neck? Yeah, she is all about Daddy these days.

small smile


laughing and drinking at the same time - never a good combo
She loves her new Sesame Street pajamas.

watching a video on YouTube
Catie approves of this blog entry.

3 thoughts on “that ol' work/life balance

  1. I love, love that picture of the little arm hooked around dad’s neck. That girl is soooo sweeeet. Oh, and congrats on the awesome freelancing! Will you autograph a copy of the book for me?

  2. Ha! I just emailed you the book title. I’m sure you can’t wait to get your copy.

    Actually, you *might* want a copy of it since you often have problems with insomnia, and this would practically be a guaranteed cure.

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