March for Babies update

I just checked the status for my March for Babies team, and I see that we’ve raised a combined total of $590. I think that’s pretty awesome. I set sort of an arbitrary goal amount, I really didn’t think we’d get anywhere close to it. I’m very proud of the progress we’ve made so far. Anyway, since I can’t figure out how in the blankety-blank to get this little badge into my sidebar, here it is again.

(That only links to my personal page. Apparently I can’t get a widget for my team. I don’t know why.)

If you were thinking about donating, please click on that badge and do so. Even just a couple of dollars would be great.

Our walk is on May 2nd. I just found out that my sister will be in town that weekend (she has a business trip that will require her to be in the area on Monday, May 4th, so she’s going to come early and spend a couple of days with us), and she’s going to try to fly in on Friday night so she can join us for our March for Maddie. Which would be awesome, because in case you didn’t know, my sister is the coolest.

So, yeah. Almost $600 so far. Pretty darn good, I think.

Edited to Add: Hey, I got my badge in my sidebar! Yay! Big shout-out to Dawn at Kaiser Mommy for helping me figure that one out. (Btw, she’s also the one responsible for these really beautiful bracelets to raise money for the Spohr family. I ordered one for Catie and one for me last week, can’t wait to get them.)

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  1. aww — thanks! i do hope i can be there. . . still need to figure out how the travel’s going to work. hopefully i’ll know later today. and of course i gotta get a purple shirt! congratulations on all the moolah raised!

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