three things

1. Cate is doing really, really well. Last night was by far the easiest night we’ve had since Dave went out of town. The only tears that were shed was when she bonked her head on the coffee table, and that was over with pretty fast. And today she’s been super-happy, running around, dancing, singing, etc. Basically, she appears to be totally back to her normal self.

2. I am sick as a dog. I can’t breathe, I keep having these coughing spasms that make my sternum ache, and I just generally feel like hell. My head, throat and chest all hurt. It’s been awful.

3. Dave just got home. Praise the saints above.

Hope y’all have a good weekend.

4 thoughts on “three things

  1. Oh Cindy that SUCKS! I’m so sorry. Put some Vick’s on your feet and let Dave be the dancing bear for a day or 2.

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