the "no" phase has commenced

Cate appears to be feeling a little better today. The fever is still there, but she’s definitely not as miserable. I took her to our pediatricians’ after-hours clinic anyway, because she rubbed her ears a couple of times and I figured that it was worth a $10 co-pay to have the peace of mind of knowing that she doesn’t have an ear infection. And she doesn’t. Her ears are perfect, in fact. So is her throat (no strep! Yay!). The doctor told us to keep doing what we’re doing – using her Flovent inhaler twice a day, and the Tylenol/Motrin to keep her comfortable. Good enough for me.

Funny video time! I think all babies go through this phase, but Cate answers almost all questions with “no” right now. Case in point:

It’s kind of fun to twist the questions around when you know she’s going to say no all the time. The other day we were watching “Blue’s Room” and it was the episode where they were trying to get ready for bed, and Blue asked the viewers if we would help Sprinkles find a sleepy game to help her fall asleep. Cate looked at the TV, totally serious, shook her head and said, “nooo.” Sorry, Sprinkles. You’re crap out of luck.

Although she might just be biased against Blue and her ilk, because she doesn’t say no to all TV characters. This morning, we were watching “My Friends Tigger and Pooh,” and Darby asked if we could see something that was behind her. Cate pointed at the TV and said “dare!” (as in “there”). I was impressed, it goes to show she definitely understands way more than we think she does.