unHappy Fourth

I don’t understand how a child can go from totally happy and normal in the morning, to completely miserably sick by the time she wakes up from her nap. Poor Cate has had a rough 24 hours. And the change from not-sick to sick literally occurred over the course of her nap yesterday.

She has a horrible fever, she’s been coughing and snotty, she won’t eat anything (I’m still getting some fluids in her, which is keeping me from all-out panicking), she’s had several asthma attacks that required her inhaler (of which she is not a fan), and last night she barfed all over me. That was fun. She also woke up several times in the middle of the night, so Dave and I are both feeling pretty ragged and awful today.

Oh, and we learned that Cate is not a huge fan of fireworks. We didn’t go out to see any, but some of our neighbors were shooting them off, so we heard plenty. She didn’t cry about them, but she sure wasn’t happy about all the random loud noises keeping her awake.

She seems to be feeling a little better now, but I’m not sure if it’s the baby Tylenol that made her fever drop or if it was just some sort of 24-hour virus. I’m praying that the worst of it is over. And I already have my sweats on, so that when she starts asking to go outside, I can put her in the backpack carrier and take her for a walk, rather than worrying about her triggering another asthma episode by exerting herself too much running around.

Stupid germs. Boo.

3 thoughts on “unHappy Fourth

  1. Oh, poor kid. It’s so rotten that she can’t understand why she feels bad, and that you’re doing things to make her feel better.

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