Should've bought stock in Puffs Plus with lotion

I’m slightly wigging out over the fact that Cate seems to be developing yet another cold. Because, you know, January is a whole new month, and apparently she has to have at least one for each month of winter. We’ve already had colds in both November and December.

So far, her only symptom is a runny nose, but it hasn’t seemed to affect her mood at all. She’s still generally cheerful and not acting like a sick baby. And (pardon me if this is gross/TMI) her nose is more watery than booger-y. So my hope is that maybe this isn’t another cold, maybe it’s just related to teething? Does anyone know if that’s even possible, or did I just make that up out of thin air?

She’s been working on those top two teeth for ages. One of them even broke through at some point, but then her gums swelled up and it went back in. Poor baby, that’s gotta hurt.

The other possible cause for the runny nose (other than a normal cold) is that it could be allergies, since the one-year mark is generally when kids could start developing them. I’m just crossing my fingers that she isn’t allergic to cats, because we’re all in big trouble if she is.

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  1. It’s probably not allergies, but a lot of colds are just a clear, runny nose. As long as it’s clear, that’s good news. It could also be the teething. Babies have all kinds of responses to teething, like some have fevers, some have runny noses, some (like mine) get homicidal.

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