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I’m just now getting around to uploading a whole slew of pictures that have been on my computer for a while.

First, Lizard (plus her hubby and her own baby Catie) stopped by for a visit. She has more pictures than I do over on her site.

Liz, me and our two Baby Caties

Also, there are a few that I’ve taken recently of Cate (the “Month 12” set is here, such as it is – more pics will be added later). I love this one of her standing up on her own, even though she’s decided that she doesn’t like the flash on the camera so she won’t look at me when I’m trying to take her picture. But seriously, how cute is that outfit?

standing! not holding onto anything!

Finally, back in November, we went to the Sears Portrait Studio and had some professional photos taken of Cate (and a couple of family shots too). If you got a Christmas card from me this year, you’ve already seen a couple of them.

family picture 1

portrait 1

Originally I wanted to set up a photo session with Starr, who did our wedding photos and who I just adore. We ran into her at Scott and Cara’s wedding last summer and talked about how great it would be to do some baby pictures with her. But when we tried to set it up, we just couldn’t make it work with our schedules. I do want to get her to take some pictures of Cate at some point, probably this spring when everything is blooming again. (She does amazing outdoor photos.)

As it turned out, the Sears pictures weren’t nearly as cheesy as we thought they’d be. And I made a little photo album out of them, which was a nice Christmas gift for all of the grandparents. You can see the rest of the set here, if you’d like.

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