time bomb go kaboom

That BabyLax stuff really works. Holy god, does it ever.

It kicked in about 2 minutes after we used it – I had enough time to get Cate’s diaper back on, and then I picked her up so that she was up against my chest (the doc said to keep her upright, since gravity can help). She bit into my collarbone as hard as she could and screamed the whole time. It was awful, I felt so bad for her being in so much pain and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

And for the record, the poop that came out was bigger than the poops that Kris’s 35-pound dog creates. And totally solid. Poor baby.

Of course, I’m only blogging about this so someday she can read it and be mortified that I wrote about her bowel movements on the Internet. Hee. Mama’s gotta get some kind of payback for all of the worry and torment that she puts me through, right?

3 thoughts on “time bomb go kaboom

  1. Ouch. Poor little-bitty Cate.

    It is amazing how your whole life can revolve around someone else’s poop schedule.

    It makes you think twice about all those times you’ve been mad at your own mom.

  2. Poor Cate. Its something I hope to never have to deal with but I know it will happen eventually. Ugh. Good thing you were able to get the diaper on her before hand!

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