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Isn’t it cute how they put those little score marks on the cheesecake to indicate how big one slice should be? I find those hilarious. Two slices then? Yes, please.

I also decided to go ahead and fire up the Dyson for the first time today. And oh my god, y’all:

Is that not the grossest thing you’ve ever seen? I was kind of expecting the cat hair. And I knew that lots of my hair would be in there, since I’m in that fun post-partum hair-falling-out stage. (Lucky me!) I tend to forget that living in the country means that there is always dirt in your house. But that was only the first floor and the stairs – I haven’t even gotten to all the bedrooms yet. I’m terrified.

Catie says: “You people expect me to learn to crawl on that filth? Are you insane?”

The one thing I don’t have a photo for: earlier tonight, the teenager across the street (the one who kitty-sat for us last week) called to let us know that she had just seen a coyote heading up our driveway. I promptly freaked, and ran outside to call the cats inside. I never saw the coyote myself, and all of the cats are present and accounted for, so it all ended well. But that was quite a little moment of panic that I had there.

And it reinforced the thing I’ve been nagging Dave about for ages: I hate the country and I want to move. You know, just in case he didn’t hear me the first ten thousand times I said it.

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  1. Owning a Dyson means realizing that you have more filth around than you ever knew possible. 🙂 Your canister looks like ours, except we have white Casper hair. I’m glad to hear the kitties are okay. The coyotes have been on the move lately. My shelter bud just lost a cat to them in Carnation, and we’re curtailing trail walks at the shelter because the coyotes have tried to attack the dogs. I hear you about the country. I’ll take Seattle any day, thanks.

  2. Well, it looks like Cate is enjoying the house. I can’t believe she still sticks her tongue out but its adorable. I guess as long as she loses the habit before she starts school, she should be fine!
    Coyotes etc are one of the reasons Sammy is in door only. That and the other fun stuff you blogged about earlier (little creatures being brought into the house etc!).
    Glad to hear your kitties are still fine!

  3. Oh, yes. My animal hair Dyson looks even worse if you can believe it. I have all hardwood flooring. I can’t even wrap my head around what the filth must have been like in my old apartment when I had wall-to-wall carpeting. I just… can’t go there. Shudder.

    Did you have any trouble putting it together? That whole telescoping handle thing practically gave me a conniption.

  4. Lizard: my cat is indoor only, Dave’s three cats are our little hunters. It certainly isn’t my preference, but at this point, I think it’s too late to turn them into indoor kitties. He had them long before I was on the scene.

    As for the tongue, I KNOW!! I heard one theory that she may not learn to pull her tongue in until she starts talking. In the meantime, though, it’s pretty hilarious.

    Angie: Dave took the Dyson out of the box & put it together for me (awww), but I had to figure out the wand handle thing the first time I went to use it. It certainly isn’t intuitive, but I checked the instruction manual and figured it out.

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