hearts and teddy bears and all that goo

Scene: last night, our living room. Dave was sitting on the couch with Cate, giving her a bottle. I was sitting on our over-stuffed chair with my laptop, trying to catch up on blogs, because I have fallen hopelessly behind. There was some old sitcom rerun (Friends, maybe? Or Will & Grace? I forget) on the TV. During a commercial break, an ad came on for a local jewelry company.

Dave: Sh*t. When is Valentine’s Day? Tomorrow?

Me: Yep.

Him: Um, happy Valentine’s Day! I sort of forgot to get you a card or a present.

Me: It’s ok, hon, I didn’t get you anything either.

And that pretty much sums it up. Aren’t we just the most romantic couple ever?

Actually, I think we’ve already got our little valentine, and it’s way more precious to me than any bouquet of flowers. Although, to be fair, flowers wouldn’t wake me up at four in the morning demanding food. Which, seriously kid, could you please just eat more during the day so your mommy can sleep for longer than two hours at a time? I’d really appreciate it if you could work on that.

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day. Now I’m going to take a nap.

3 thoughts on “hearts and teddy bears and all that goo

  1. Happy VD to you, too! 😛 True, flowers don’t wake you up at night, but they also don’t fall asleep on your shoulder and breathe little baby snores in your ear. Or if they do, you should take those flowers straight to your local exorcist and sprinkle holy water on them.

    Happy napping!

  2. LOL My dad’s birthday is next week, the day after our 3rd baby is to be snatched outta my belly – my son asked me what I was getting his grandfather for his birthday.. I replied “A grandchild isn’t ENOUGH!??!” 😉

    Enjoy her and her insane eating habits, it goes fast 🙂

    LOL Cat.

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