happy day

Very, very good news: Dave is flying home today! A whole entire day early! Hoooray!!!

He told his boss that I was showing “early signs” – which I suppose is true if you count all of these Braxton-Hicks contractions that I’ve been having like crazy for the past few days – and his boss agreed that Dave should be home. (I believe his words were, “I really don’t want your wife to hate me for the rest of your career.” Ha.) Honestly, I’m not sure if all of these little contractions are a sign that anything is happening at all, but I know they were making Dave (and me) nervous. I’ll feel much better having him nearby.

Not-so-good news: We got somewhere close to 6 inches of snow last night. We didn’t lose power, so I really have nothing to complain about, I’m just a bit nervous about the fact that I’m about to have to get in my car and drive to the airport to pick Dave up. I’m not so worried about myself – I’ve lived in snowy climates before (hello, Worcester, Massachusetts! I hated living in your city!), and I feel pretty safe with my little Subaru’s four wheel-drive. I just worry about other people on the roads, because Seattleites aren’t famous for being great drivers.

Last night I was supposed to go meet up with the girls for dessert, which I was really looking forward to. Just a chance to get out of the house for an hour or two and remind myself of the good old days when I felt like normal, functional human being, you know? We ended up cancelling our get-together because of the snow, which was probably wise. But still, kind of a bummer.

Later that night, I was talking to my mom and she said, “So, if you go into labor right now, when you’re alone and it’s snowing out, you DO know to call an ambulance to come get you and that you shouldn’t try to drive yourself, right?” Um, thanks, Mom! I hadn’t even thought of that possibility until you mentioned it! Now I think I might put 911 on speed dial, just in case. Sheesh.

But seriously, I was thinking about how insane this winter has been: the flood in November, the windstorm last month, and now this snowstorm. (I know six inches of snow doesn’t seem like much to most people, but it’s practically unheard of in this part of the country.) I just can’t imagine what’s next. What do y’all think, locusts or frogs? Maybe we should have people start placing bets now.

(Another quote from my mom, ever the optimist: “Hey, at least it hasn’t started raining blood yet!” Um, yeah! Ok then. We’ll send up three cheers for the one plague we’ve managed to avoid so far.)

I did take a lot of photos of the snow this morning, because it was really beautiful. (I’m very conflicted about the white stuff: I love it as long as I can stay home and not go anywhere. If I have to drive in it? I’m not so much feeling the love anymore.) But I’ll get the pictures uploaded after I get back from retrieving my husband from the airport.

Aside to Shannon: Tell Gaby she can bloody well have all of our snow that she wants. It’s only January and I am so over winter. I’m ready for spring.  

Update: Snow pictures are here. (Or you can click the photo below and go to the set.)

Also, Dave is now home. I’m happy.

3 thoughts on “happy day

  1. Yay! Welcome home, Dave. Now pay no mind to the retractable leash that’s being attached to your belt loop. It’s just because you’re on lockdown. No more trips until the baby is at least 2 weeks old. “But…” No! No more. Stay. Staaaaaay.

    Good boy. 😉

  2. No kidding there! Besides i don’t think i could leave the house if i wanted to with all this icey-snowness. 😀

  3. Can you believe we’ve had NO SNOW in Boston yet this winter aside from a flurry here and there? It’s kind of creepy.

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