orange syrup and harmless reptiles

Friday was my 24-week OB appointment. Which is a little off since I’m actually 25 weeks pregnant, but I don’t think anyone is really keeping track of those minor technicalities except me. This was the appointment where I had to drink the nasty glucose stuff ahead of time to test for gestational diabetes. Mmm, yummy orange syrup. Gag. It was quite gross, and I won’t know the results of the test until sometime next week.

And then, just in case that glucose stuff didn’t make me quite nauseated enough, I also got a flu shot. Because apparently it’s very, very bad for pregnant women to get the flu. And I understand that, but my arm (where I got the shot) has been aching and my stomach has been upset for the past two days, so I’m not sure if it was really worth it.

Also noteworthy: at my monthly weigh-in, I found out that I’ve only gained two pounds since my last appointment. That means that I’ve gained a grand total of 12.5 pounds since I first got pregnant. Now, call me kooky, but doesn’t it look like I’m hauling around a bit more than twelve measly pounds? It certainly feels like it. Every time I have to walk up the stairs at our house and it completely winds me, it feels more like I’m carrying an extra fifty.

Not that I’m complaining. Twelve pounds is good. And I noticed recently that I seem to have less cellulite on my butt and thighs, so maybe those prenatal workout DVD’s are doing some good after all. Although honestly, it’s sort of hard to tell if my legs are really getting more toned, or if it just looks like it when compared to my ginormous belly. Who knows, it could all be an optical illusion.

Other weekend stuff: Saturday night, I went to dinner with some of my girl friends, which was great. Other than Kris, it had been weeks (if not longer) since I’d seen any of them, so it was really good to sit around a table for a few hours and catch up. And they’re such a funny group, I realized as I left the restaurant that my face ached from laughing so much. I love it when that happens.

Sunday is kind of our non-official lazy day, so Dave and I hit the grocery store, and I’m trying out a new crock pot recipe. I’ve also cleaned the kitchen, cleaned our bathroom, and done a few loads of laundry, so I’m feeling pretty good about the state of our house overall.

Oh, and today I learned something about Dave that I didn’t already know: apparently he is even more scared of snakes than I am. We found a little garter snake in our front hall, which I’m guessing one of the cats brought inside. The poor little guy was moving very slowly, it seemed like he had been injured. Anyway, Dave and I both sort of freaked out over it, and then I was the one who ended up using a curtain rod (random, I know, but it was nearby) to shoo the snake into a box, so I could carry it outside.

It’s just funny because Dave is the guy who will pick up the biggest, hairiest, nastiest spider in his bare hands to carry it outside rather than kill it. But a little garter snake – which I’m pretty sure doesn’t even have fangs – totally squicks him out. Go figure.

Oh well, as long as he keeps taking care of the mice and other critters that the cats bring inside, he’s still my hero.

2 thoughts on “orange syrup and harmless reptiles

  1. 12.5 pounds is terrific at 25 weeks! And you probably have been getting more toned legs, since you’re toting extra weight around on them. It’s bound to build muscle.

    People are always finding either poisonous snakes or gigantic (5-6 foot) indigo snakes (harmless) in their houses in my neighborhood. As a result I have a fear of stepping into my garage in the dark. If I ever find one like that in my front hall, I’m afraid the snake would get squatter’s rights on the house.

  2. I’ve been told repeatedly that “there are no poisonous snakes or spiders in the Pacific Northwest”. I don’t know if that’s actually true or if it’s just something they put in the brochures to make people want to live here. (As if they needed more excuses.)

    Still, if the snake had been a bit bigger, I don’t know what we would have done. Probably just prop the front door open and wait for him to find his own way out.

    As for the spiders, although I haven’t come across any poisonous ones, a lot of them do bite, and they hurt like a you-know-what. I haaaate them.

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