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So, there’s this thing. Which I haven’t written about, and which I’m dying to write about, because it’s pretty much all that’s on my mind these days. And I’ve been all, “Noooo, no one can know about it, because if we speak of it out loud, then that makes it real, and then the Jinx Fairy will rain sorrow and misfortune down upon our heads. And lo, the many tears we will shed.”

Instead, I’ve been writing about nothing – like a trip to Target or working in the yard – just to fill in the space so that no one would think that I fell off the planet.

Then it occurred to me that the people who read this blog, who also know me in real life? I think nearly all of them already know about this. So really, when I say that I can’t talk about it, I’m totally full of crap.

So in light of this whole “ah hell, even my dad’s golf buddies know about it now” development, I’ve decided that I might as well go ahead and make the official announcement.

Here it is.

The big announcement.

I was going to suggest that you sit down first, but if you’re reading this online, I think the odds are pretty high that you’re already seated.

But seriously, if you’re standing, find a soft place to land just in case this bit of news shocks the knees right out from under you.

It’s ok. I’ll wait.

You ready?

Aww yeah, go me. (And go Dave, too. He helped a bit.)

I’m seven and a half weeks pregnant. Due in February. I’m still sort of in shock that our baby-making efforts actually worked. And it only took seven months (eight cycles), but hey, who’s keeping track?

My first doctor’s appointment (with ultrasound!) is on Monday. I have so much other stuff that I want to write about, but I’m going to try to space it out so I don’t overwhelm y’all all at once.

Because seriously, I’m sure Dave is getting really tired of my whole “ohmigod ohmigod let me tell you all about this newest symptom that I’m having and what the hell is THAT about!” thing, so he’ll be relieved when I start venting it here instead.

12 thoughts on “the biggest news


    Babies babies babies babies babies!

    Can’t wait to read all about the adventure!

    Congratulations, Cindy and Dave!

  2. WOO! Full on Buck-and-Swing Happy Dance here! Oh, and- WHOOSH! That is my breath, which I have been holding since I got your email the other day with the cryptic clue about the good news with lots of crypticness. (I have been a pretty shade of blue, by the way, what with the breath-holding.)

    Well done, Dave and Cindy!

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