one year

Today, Dave and I have officially been married for one year.

Our wedding was the happiest day of my life so far. I can’t really seem to wrap my head around the fact that it’s been a whole year since then. It’s a cliche, I know, but it’s gone by so fast.

Saturday night, we celebrated our anniversary by going back to the lodge where we had our wedding. We had dinner there and stayed the night. It was lovely and romantic and all of that, an overall great time. You can see the photos here.

A lot of people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. If that’s true, I think it’s all going to be smooth sailing from here, because while this year had its challenges, it really hasn’t been that hard.

I was trying to think of something deep and profound to write about all of the things Dave does that make me love him, but apparently I am just not that great a writer, because this is all I can come up with:
1. Hello, have you seen the man? He’s adorable.
2. The British accent. Which honestly never, ever gets old. I could listen to him talk until my ears fall off. I also love the sound of his laugh.
3. He has a way of saying things – or it could even be as simple as just making a face in reaction to something I’ve said – that can reduce me to a puddle of laughter-induced tears. He’s the only person I’ve ever met who has literally made me fall down laughing.
4. He’s so smart that sometimes it freaks me out. (Seriously, you should see this math problem he was working on last night when I went to bed. I don’t know what it was, but it looked terrifying.)
5. When he does dishes, he cleans the whole kitchen – countertops and all. He has no idea what a turn-on that is.
6. Sometimes when I have a really crappy day, or when I get all anxious and panicky (as I am wont to do on a semi-regular basis), he’ll make me lie down, and he’ll hold me while I tell him all about it.

See? How could I not fall in love with that?

And since I’m feeling all list-make-y, I can also say that I’ve learned quite a bit about myself since we got married. For example, I have learned that…
1. I can be a lot goofier than I ever imagined. I don’t take myself nearly as seriously as I used to.
2. I sometimes get my feelings hurt over incredibly stupid things. But Dave is always quick to apologize for them – even though 99% of the time, whatever he said/did is completely harmless, and I’m just a silly, overreacting cow. (Calling me a cow, for the record, is one of the things that completely hurt my feelings. Even though he meant it in a “silly/stupid” way, not in a “400-pound heifer” way.)
3. I’m a much better cook than I ever thought I was. Or Dave is just not a very picky eater. It’s hard to say.
4. I can sometimes be a bit of a nag. And I hate that about myself, so I’m working on it. Really I am.
5. I am a far bigger video game nerd than I ever imagined. (Fire Emblem on Gamecube? Bring it on!)
6. I’m definitely “the high-strung one” in our relationship, but it’s ok because Dave is usually calm enough to balance me out.

Happy anniversary, sweetie. I sure do love you.

8 thoughts on “one year

  1. Wow… Who is this man??? That’s a lot of very nice things to say about a nerdy guy like me. Although, I would have to agree there’s nothing like scrubbing that countertop to get one into the mood…

    *record scratches…….awkward silence*

    Unfortunately, I am the ‘World’s Worst List Writer’ so I won’t even try and write down all the reasons why I married Cindy, let’s just say there’s lots and lots of them . Most of all Cindy is without doubt the strongest, most loving and trusting person that I have ever met. She is never quick to judge (unless she catches me smoking cigars on the deck) and she always accepts me for who I am, warts and all – not literally of course, that would just be gross.

    Happy Anniversary Hon! xoxox

    And I *so* remember that day when I called you a “silly ol’ cow”. That’s definitely one of those innocent phrases (like ‘fanny pack’, or ‘sneaking out for a fag’) that does not translate well across the Atlantic 🙂 The sharp blow to my Adam’s apple at the time assured me that was certainly the case.

  2. Happy Anniversary, you crazy lovebirds!

    And yeeeeaaah, calling Cindy a silly ol’ cow… it’s lucky you can still walk. 😉

  3. Hmmm…. I never liked the phrase “Don’t be stupid” as said by my British college roommate. It’s supposed to be an affectionate, “No problem!” type thing, but it always made me feel, well, stupid.

    It could have been worse, I suppose. He could have called you a “right stroppy cow.” 😉

    Love that picture. LOVE it. Oh, hey, would you still be interested in having your wedding photos retouched? Basic fly-away hair, blemishes, etc taken out? We talked about it once and then never really get back on the subject.


  4. Let me see if I understand… Would it be some sort of “cock up” to say that you were planning to “sneak out for a fag” right before the wedding?

    (I know, we talk funny too).

  5. I just reread my comment, and I feel compelled to add that this photo is PERFECT and WONDERFUL and that wasn’t AT ALL intended to sound like a backhanded compliment. I was referring of course to OTHER photos, ones I’ve never seen, ones that you look at and think, “I would love this shot if I didn’t have Shiny Forehead Syndrome” or similar.

    Okay. Yes. Lovely the fun tummy rub shot of Lucky, by the way.

  6. Angie, I was totally not offended by your comment, I understood what you meant.

    But, since we are lazy people and haven’t even framed any of our own wedding photos yet (I know!), the odds that we’ll be doing anything fancy with them in the near future are pretty slim.

    I mean, my wedding gown is still hanging in the hall closet in the bag from the bridal shop. No kidding. L.A.Z.Y.

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