Have you ever had the kind of morning where you realize, before you even leave the house, that if you make it until 7:00 p.m. without bursting into tears, your day will be a screaming success?

Yeah. I’m having one of those.

Nothing is exactly wrong per se, it’s just a bunch of little things: I have a headache; I have about a hundred things to do at work and I’m pretty sure I’ll be stuck here until late; there are some personnel changes at work that are stressing me out (nothing that affects my job security, just new people that I’m trying to learn how to “click” with); way too many meetings; still dealing with the homeowner’s insurance people from our flooding problem back in December; my car needs to go in the shop because my “check engine” light came on and I don’t have time to take it in; and so forth. I think it’s just the accumulation of little annoyances and problems that’s making me feel overwhelmed.

Blarggh. Deep breath in, deep breath out, this too shall pass…

2 thoughts on “priorities

  1. …Or the blood of inncoent bystanders. Seriously, I hope you got all your little annoyances under control. I think that homicide of insurance beaurocrats is legal in some states.

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