no woman, now cry

Hi folks,

You may well be able to discern from my deep typing voice that this is not the Poobou. I have decided to execute my right as co-author of the site to ‘write a damn post’ as my lovely wife might put it!

Well, Cindy has been away for 2 days now, and I assume she will be somewhere in deepest Nebraska right now with nought but a sedan, a best friend and an iPod. Not a bad place to be, in my opinion..

So how am I enjoying my time on my own… well… I’ve managed to keep 35% of the house tidy and have only broken 3 ornaments. I have also introduced my guitar amplifier to ‘Volume level 7’.. I fear notching it up to 10 until we’ve had the siding on the house fixed.

Strangely enough, I usually thrive in my own space (I did a remarkable job for 20 odd years), but I do find myself wanting my spouse back home at her earliest convenience :)… I guess I’m just turning into a sentimental fuddy-duddy as I get older.

SO here’s good vibes to Cindy’s road trip, I can only imagine the fun they’re having… *unwraps 2-day-old ham sandwich , stares blankly at open, and surprisingly incomplete, weekly report*

I shall report in as I hear from the Cindy, and I may also take time to fill you in on the perils that I will be facing from a weekend alone, with 4 cats, a pizza take out menu, and a widescreen TV… Pray for me…

4 thoughts on “no woman, now cry

  1. Wow, Dave, you’re living the life, with the pizza take out and the amp up to 7. You and Poor Tony can cry into the same beer pitcher of Man Alone and Sad Without his Chicky.

    In the meantime, remember, if it’s green and fuzzy, do not eat it. Even if you scrape it.

  2. Dave, I’d buy you a beer, but Seattle is a bit far away to run out for a quick drink. Perhaps I’ll just have 2 (or 3) by myself and give a long-distance “cheers” in your honor.

  3. Hmmmmm, the winning powerball ticket was purchased at a convenience store in Nebraska. If the ladies bought the winning ticket, they’re buying the beer.

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