I could've danced all night (or at least until 1 a.m.)

Saturday marked a very big first in Dave’s and my relationship: we went dancing. I have to preface this by explaining that this is not his idea of a good time at all. But, it was our friend Janet’s birthday, and she organized this whole drinks/dessert/dancing thing, so that’s what we did. I had talked Dave into it by promising that I would drive so he could drink all he wanted, and that he wouldn’t have to dance at all. And really, if he had just played pool with his friends, and if it had just been the girls out on the floor shakin’ our respective groove thangs, I would’ve been perfectly happy. It had been forever since the last time I was in a dance club, and I was very excited just to be out that late on a Saturday night. (Seriously, y’all, we are so boring, we’re usually asleep by 10:00.) But anyway, two of Dave’s buddies were also there, and they were both doing the “white man’s overbite” with their wives, and I guess Dave had just enough to drink that he was able to ditch his neuroses and loosen up, and he danced with me! For like, a really long time! In public! It was so awesome. And really, I don’t know what his hang-up is, because he isn’t a bad dancer at all. We stayed out until around 1:00 in the morning, and it was so much fun. I had a great time.

Speaking of birthdays, Dave’s is a week from today (September 19th), so mark your calendars now.

Work news: that phone interview that went really well last week? Apparently they want me for an in-person interview, which is a good sign, but I haven’t heard back from the HR recruiter lady who’s supposed to tell me exactly when this interview is going to be. So that’s annoying, because I’m really anxious about it since THIS IS ONLY THE EXACTLY PERFECT JOB FOR ME.

More hurricane horribleness: my cousin was on the news again, this time not speaking, but there’s an interview with my cousin-in-law’s father (Dr. CILF, remember?). It’s a story about a nursing home that didn’t get evacuated, and well over half of the residents were killed, and it’s absolutely tragic, much like everything else about this damn hurricane.

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  1. Dave dancing? The last time I heard of his "dancing" was when he was trying to avoid standing on a cup on the floor…..

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