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I survived the dentist with very minimal freak-outs. I have 4 cavities, which is the same as I had 6 months ago – but sadly, my insurance company sucks and only covers 20% of my fillings, which means I have to come up with several hundred dollars to pay for them, and… yeah. It’ll get done, eventually. Meanwhile, I’m trying to just pretend like I don’t know about them. Please don’t tell me how bad an idea that is. I can’t hear you, la la la la.

I got all excited because the weather was really mild yesterday, and again today (high in the low 70’s), and I started making plans of how Dave and I can do stuff outside this weekend, like using our new grill, or cleaning the garage, all that fun stuff. But according to weather.com, it’s going to be in the upper 80’s again this weekend. Which means that if we try to clean out the garage, we’ll last all of 15 minutes before we die of heat exhaustion. Hm, perhaps not.

In other news, I just got this exercise video collection (and I am NOT typing the name of it here because I don’t need those types of Google hits, thank you very much; let’s put it in code and call it “C@rm3n El3ctr@’s A3r0b1c Str1pt3@se”), and I love-love-love it. It feels very silly at first, and I was all self-conscious and kept worrying that Dave was going to stick his head in the room and ask me what in the sam hell I thought I was doing. But I’ve done it twice now, and I have muscles aching today that I haven’t felt in a while, because, well, let’s just say it works *entirely* different muscle groups than walking or jogging, which is basically all I’ve been doing lately. So that’s pretty cool.

And the exercise thing is good, particularly since I had the very healthy lunch today of leftover pizza. Which has the very unfortunate side effect of making me feel something like this:
See how skinny I am in the morning?
And see how not skinny and unhappy I am now?

Yeah, the pizza? Is not my friend. (As a side note, aren’t my artistic skills impressive? The stringy hair in particular is frighteningly dead accurate.) But all is well, because I shall go home tonight and prance around like a big ho in the privacy of my living room. And pray that if there’s a God in heaven that my neighbors don’t have binoculars aimed in my vicinity.

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