put on a grumpy face

In about an hour, I have to go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Which is not that big a deal unless you suffer from dental anxiety, which I do, or if you’re a regular flosser, which I am not. Well, actually, I go through phases with the flossing. Sometimes I’m really good for weeks and weeks. Lately? Not so much. I actually totally forgot about the dentist appointment until they left me a reminder message on my voicemail the other day. So in other words, you’re coming in tomorrow, too late to start flossing now! You’re busted! I guess I’ll just fess up and admit that I haven’t, rather than lie about it. What are they going to do, make the sharp pointy metal thing prodding my gums even more painful than usual? HA! I’d like to see them try! I actually have a very accomodating dentist, they give you headphones and a remote to a little TV on the ceiling so you can distract yourself while they’re torturing you. Love that technology.

Anyway, because of this, I am in a very bad mood today. Oh oh oh! And remember the drugs my dermatologist gave me for that weird outbreak I was having? Well, they worked, and my skin totally cleared up. Which was great. So I stopped taking the drugs. And now? The zits are back. WTF?? So yeah, that isn’t helping my mood one bit. Y’all might want to think about sending Dave a sympathy card, as I have not exactly been the most pleasant little ball of sunshine to live with lately.

2 thoughts on “put on a grumpy face

  1. Dude, what a sucky day! I'm sorry
    ||sympathy hug||

    I hate dentists, too. I hate them so much that I avoided going for 6 years one time, and then when I went again, I had, like, 11 cavities and so I avoided the dentist for another year, and then I got one that I actually like. He's a year younger than me, so we call him Doogie Hauser. He's a total hayseed– sometimes drives a tractor to work. More like having Howdie Doodie work on your teeth, but he's really gentle with needles and very fast with the drill. I have only had to threaten his life once. >:-)

  2. hey! i just got those videos for my sis-in-law for her birthday! i TOTALLY need to know if they work…if they do, i’m SO getting them. tell me!

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