Yoo-hoo! Down here!

And here I thought something was horribly wrong with my HTML skills. Apparently this sidebar issue has squat to do with me. I sent an email to Blogger help, and this is the email they sent back:

Hi there,
The spacing issue you’ve been experiencing was the result of some technical issues we had over the weekend. Our engineers are aware of this problem and are working on getting it fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience while we resolve this issue.
Thanks for your patience and for using Blogger!
Blogger Support

I love the informal “hi there” that they use to start the email. Because, you know, me and Blogger support are old buddies. Anyway, I suppose I just have to wait for them to figure out what the hell they’ve done to my blog. At least I’m not alone, I noticed the same problem happening over at One Good Thing.

Ok, so the weekend. You remember how we got some bedroom furniture? And then we decided – after the furniture was delivered, no less – to completely redecorate the room down to the freakin’ baseboards? Yeah. The contractor guy did the crown moulding on Thursday, which looks great. And in the spirit of having a whole new and improved bedroom, I rented a steam cleaner from the supermarket and cleaned the carpet. Then I decided to do all of the carpets in the house while I was at it. Have you ever tried to steam clean a flight of stairs? Lord have mercy, I am in pain. The good news is that we finished up all of our renovations to our bedroom last night, which made me happy. In fact, I was as happy as one could expect, seeing as I was hunched over at a 45-degree angle with excruciating back spasms.

So yay! for the new bedroom. And yay! for the massage I scheduled for tomorrow. Now please excuse me while I go shove some more tylenol down my throat.

4 thoughts on “Yoo-hoo! Down here!

  1. Dude, would I seriously be addicted to ANY kind of cleaning (except, of course, flossing which is one of my little addictions)? Consider the source… 😉

    Maybe get the stair treads replaced with hardwood– wait, better, sealed concrete. Then, when it gets dirty, you just hit it with a high-pressure hose and some bleach. It’d be like living in the Home Depot! 😛

    Sorry about the painful experience- I hope it feels better.

    Hey- did I tell you I’m going to Atlanta this weekend to see Cici?

  2. I didn’t know that. Be sure to give her (and Brian, and any other relatives that you may see) lots of hugs from me.

  3. I hope you were being sarcastic. Considering how much pain I was in after this little project, I've pretty much decided that the next time the carpets need to be cleaned, I'm just going to save myself the trouble and hire someone to come in and replace all of them instead.

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