the 365th day

Today, it has officially been one year since my first date with Dave. For those of you who are anti-cheesiness, stop reading here. I cannot believe how amazing this past year has been. I never thought that I would marry someone who I knew for less than a year – although give me a break, we were close enough, and I knew after he broke my 2-month-boyfriend curse that he was going to be the guy that I ended up with. He gets me on a level that I don’t think anyone else on the planet gets me. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who can make me laugh until I’m teary-eyed the way that he can – and he has been known to do this before 8 a.m., which is an amazing feat in itself, since my brain – and my sense of humor, for that matter – usually don’t wake up until sometime around noon. (That is a horribly constructed run-on sentence with total comma and dash misuse. I apologize to my grammatically-inclined readers.) Plus, he’s brilliant, absolutely adorable and a great kisser, so how could I have not fallen head-over-heels for him?

It somehow seems appropriate that today is also the day that I went to the department of motor vehicles to get a new driver’s license that will officially drop that B from my name and add the W in its place. Which, btw, was one of the most remarkably easy and pleasant DMV experiences I’ve ever had – only a 10 minute wait, and the employees were polite & courteous. Amazing. Must be my lucky day.

So, there you go. I doubt we’ll celebrate this holiday from now on since our wedding anniversary will be 9 days prior, but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge it this time around. Happy one-year anniversary, babe. I love you.

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  1. Comma-dash misuse or no, that was wonderful…Who is this guy, I ask myself?Happy Anniversary babe đŸ˜‰

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