boy done good

My sister is trying to find a new apartment in New York City, but her landlord won’t let her out of her lease without paying some insanely exorbitant fee. They finally agreed that if she can find someone else to rent her apartment, they’ll let her out of the lease agreement. So she’s posting classified ads on the Internet, and I’m hosting a photo album of her apartment for her to try to help out. We’ll see how much (if at all) this affects my average bandwidth usage…

In other news, Dave & I had our little tri-month-iversary date last night. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything, I just thought we’d go out to dinner. But when I got to his house, I had the following:
* flowers
* a very funny, sweet card
* a stuffed kitty (not taxidermy stuffed, toy stuffed)

Damn. Win a girl over, why don’t you? 🙂 That was so awesome. And because I am a huge dork and like to make note of these things for posterity purposes, this morning I arranged them all on my coffee table and took a picture of them. Hee! It turns out that Teenie really likes the stuffed kitty. She’s very soft (and… oh yeah, minor point… not a real cat), and she’s been using her as a pillow all day. Now I’m trying to decide on what I’m going to name the toy kitty. She’s Siamese and has blue eyes, so I’ve decided she’s definitely a girl. And she has to have a name, because that’s what I’ve done with every stuffed animal I’ve had since I was able to talk. As a kid, though, I only did alliterative names (i.e., Christina Kittycat, Morris Moose, Burt Bear, etc.). Now, I think I want something funny. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

* Davida/Davina is the female version of David, which would be funny since Dave gave her to me. And they both have blue eyes.
* My sister has a friend who named her cat Walter Peyton (and always refers to him by both his first & last name, never by a nickname), so I was trying to think of random blue-eyed vaguely cat-like celebrities to name her after. So far I’ve come up with Uma Thurman (probably my favorite so far), Olivia Newton-John (2nd place), Charlize Theron, Paris Hilton, etc. You get the idea. I suppose I could give up the self-imposed female gender association for this one – maybe Paul Newman or Frank Sinatra would work?
* The 2 Siamese cats in “Lady & The Tramp” were named Si and Am. I have a great aunt that we call Si, so that would be funny, and I like the name Am because it’s part of the verb “to be”. Hmmm… which to choose?
* Something silly & cutesy, but I have no idea what.

Any ideas, folks? I’m taking a poll.