I left the cute Air Force boy a voicemail 2 nights ago, and he hasn’t called me back. So perhaps I really was just Queen for the Day, not for the Week or the Month. Or maybe I’m just being silly & he hasn’t called me back because he works graveyard shift & we’re on totally different work/sleep schedules. I suppose I’ll give him through the weekend to call me back, before I officially give up. Meanwhile, in the interest of not putting all of my proverbial eggs in one basket, I went on a date on Wednesday night. Nice guy, well educated, smart, relatively cute…. and na-da. No spark. I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual, so no big deal.

In other news, Chris G. called last night to tell me that he’s moving downtown. Yay! His new apartment is going to be about 1/3 of a mile from my place. I actually pass the building every day on my walk to work. So I’m happy that he’ll be able to come out & play with me more often. I’ve hardly seen him at all since he moved to Redmond last year. In my excitement over his big news, I even offered to help him move next weekend. I have a feeling I’ll probably regret that, but it’s typically easier to move someone else’s stuff than your own, so it probably won’t be too bad.

Oh, did I mention how happy I am that it’s Friday?