Ok, the cute Air Force boy is definitely gone now. He never called me back, so fine, I can take the hint. Ordinarily, this type of thing would bum me out considerably, but I don’t really care today because… (drum roll)… I had a good date last night! After however many dozen boring dates that I’ve met through online dating, I finally went out with someone who I would actually like to see again, and who I think might actually be compatible with me. His name is Dave, he’s British (I melt for that accent), he’s cute, he’s smart, he’s funny, etc. etc. Oh, and he likes cats (major bonus points with me). I think what made the date so amazing is that we basically did nothing, and I still had a great time. We just went to a coffee shop in my neighborhood – he had coffee, I had decaf mint tea – and we sat outside on the sidewalk and talked. That’s it, just talked. For 3 hours. I didn’t even notice the time until all of a sudden I realized that it was dark and I was cold, so I looked at my watch and it was 10:30. Holy hell, I’m usually showered & in bed before 10. A guy has to be pretty remarkable to keep me up that far past my bedtime. So, I walked with him back to his car, and he asked if he was going to get a second date, to which I replied “absolutely.” He gave me a hug – he’s a good hugger too (more bonus points) – and then I walked home.

This morning while I was walking to work I was thinking about how much fun I had last night, and I realized that I was smiling. It occurred to me that I probably looked insane, walking down the street by myself at 8 a.m. grinning like an idiot. I tried to force myself to stop smiling, but every couple of minutes I’d forget and the smile would creep back. I haven’t had this good a feeling about someone for a loooooong time.

Now, of course, the morning coffee jitters are kicking in and I’m starting to go through my self-doubt cycle of wondering if/when he’ll call/email me again. I’m trying not to focus on that, but it’s such a bad habit of mine that I don’t know how to shut it off. I’ll be ok, I’m just going to study for my next Microsoft exam and distract myself from thinking about it.

Off-topic: sending lots of happy, good luck vibes for Kris, who’s applying for a job that would totally kick ass if she got it.