more job news!

Ok, this is why I never put in a link to my new company, because I had a feeling that something like this would happen, and I didn’t want any of my co-workers to dig up my website like they did at the last place (hi, Karyn!) and find out about this ahead of time. Here’s the deal: on my last day at my last job, I got an email from a company that I interviewed with 2 months ago — since I hadn’t heard back from them, I had assumed that I didn’t get the job. Wrong! They’re just slow in the hiring process, apparently. But they wanted to set up another interview with me. Keep in mind that this happened on Friday the 19th & I was supposed to start the new job on Monday the 22nd. This was a really awesome opportunity with a great company (oooh, I am dying to put in the link here so y’all can see how impressive they are, but I won’t), and although under ordinary circumstances I would’ve just said “no thanks, I’ve accepted another offer,” I knew I couldn’t turn this one down. So I set up the interview, which was last Wednesday (my 3rd day of working here, for those of you keeping track). They called me yesterday & offered me the job.

It’s such a cool company, they actually work as a consultant for Microsoft with some of their enterprise customers, so I’d be working on 3000+ user networks, which is bigger than anything I can even imagine. And they’re international. I’ll be west coast-based, so I can stay in Seattle, but I may have to travel to San Francisco, L.A., Phoenix & Denver. (Cool!) The first project they want me to work on is a rollout of MS Operations Manager (MOM) 2005, which isn’t even available to the public yet, but because these guys work with Microsoft, they get to test & deploy all of this stuff before anyone else. (I know this is totally boring to a lot of you, but oh-my-god this kind of thing is enough to make me all a-quiver with joy.) And the project is downtown and will last at least 9 months, so that gives me a justifiable excuse to move into the city, which I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Oh, and the benefits package… Well, I won’t get into all that, but I must say that it totally kicks ass.

So obviously, I had to give my notice at my job today, after only being here for a week & a half. And I feel like such a flake doing that, because I never would’ve started here if I knew I was going to be leaving so soon. And there was basically no good spin that I could put on it, I knew I was just going to look like a really crappy employee and I just kept apologizing for the whole situation. My boss was surprisingly nice about it and even congratulated me on the new job. I told her I can stick around for 2 weeks while she finds a replacement, and she said she appreciated that. Kind of odd that my notice is actually longer than my time as an employee.

Anyway, YAY!

Oh, and an update, per Sally’s request: I ended up emailing Miata-boy and telling him that things were starting to get serious with one of the other guys I was seeing. Which is a complete lie, and I was totally chicken shit about it by emailing him & not having the nerve to say it in person or even over the phone. But I rationalized this by thinking that since we only went out twice, and the only physical contact we shared was one very quick, awkward hug at the end of the 2nd date, I didn’t really owe him an in-person explanation or anything like that. He was nice about it. He’s a sweet guy, just a little too much of a car dork for me. So instead, on Friday night, I got Greek take-out with Nate & we watched that Cate Blanchett/Tommy Lee Jones movie “The Missing.” It was good. And thus ends the brief cameo of Miata-boy in the story my life.