quote of the day

If a tree falls in the forest, do the other trees laugh at it?

I read that on a sticker in someone’s office today, and I thought it was funny. I have to say, I really like my new job, but it’s been a strange shift to this whole watersports/factory environment. It’s not like anywhere that I’ve ever worked before. A lot of guys have posters in their offices of women in bikinis posing on wakeboards, which is admittedly tacky, although I guess it’s technically somewhat work-related. And honestly, that doesn’t really bother me so much, I’ve never been threatened by photos of hot babes. Even in non-work scenarios, I’m not the type of girl who gets upset if her boyfriend looks at porn or anything like that. I’m generally pretty cool about all of that cheesecake stuff. But there is one guy who has a sticker on his office door that says, “Got Milk? This room reserved for nursing mothers.” And I must admit, that one kind of creeped me out.

I feel a little sorry for the HR lady. She’s only been there a couple of weeks longer than me, and I think she’s freaking out at all of the potential lawsuit material that’s around every corner. She used to work for one of the local vineyards before she started working here. I’m guessing there probably weren’t cheesy posters of women in bikinis handling expensive bottles of wine in her male co-workers’ offices.