I'm too sexy for my… eh?

Apparently I must be giving off some kind of weird pheromone. Here’s the recap of the random male attention I’ve been getting for the past few days.

* Saturday night – (1) Doorman at the bar that Krissy & I went to was VERY flirty with me. Like way too flirty for a guy who doesn’t get tips. He complimented my shoes. Hmmm. (2) Three different bartenders were all very flirty, which isn’t that surprising because that’s how they get tips, so they probably do that with all girls. So I didn’t put too much stock into that one. (3) Two really sketchy Turkish carpet salesmen (I swear I’m not making that up) told me that I had beautiful lips and that I smelled good. Uh… ok.

* Sunday – At my most low-maintenance (minimal make-up, nothing going on with the hair, jeans, sneakers & an old boring sweater), this little old man in the grocery store asked me if I was born in Tennessee. I was really confused, thinking “can people tell by looking at me that I was born in the south??” So I told him no, I was born in Mississippi. He said, “Well, you’re the cutest ten I see.” Note to all of my male friends: You must be at least 75 years old before you can pull off this line and not have women roll their eyes at you.

* Today (Monday) – (1) Got the flirty vibes from one of my male customers, which isn’t that big a shock because he & I have had flirty vibes since I started going there a couple of months ago. Today we talked about our pets. He has a puppy. (2) Found out that one of the guys in my office has been asking about me. I won’t say who or how I found out because I was sworn to secrecy, but I honestly thought this guy was gay, so needless to say that shocked the hell out of me.

Maybe it’s the new haircut? I can’t imagine. Very strange.