Leadfoot the Upstairs Neighbor

A couple of weeks ago, I called my landlord to complain about my upstairs neighbor. He’s been kind of a problem for me ever since he moved in a few months ago. First there was the incident where he double-parked in front of all the visitor parking spots, so when Scott was trying to leave & maneuver around him, he backed into the concrete retaining wall & gave himself a flat tire. Ever since then, it’s been the noise. The constant, never-ending noise. I can’t imagine what he’s been doing up there. I thought maybe he was Dutch & wearing wooden shoes or something. There seemed to be a lot of clomping & banging going on. And every now & then there would be a bang so loud that it would scare Teenie out of her nap. So I asked my landlord if he would ask this guy to please keep it down.

Oh, Leadfoot also tends to throw things off of his balcony — mostly cigarette butts and the cellophane wrappers around the cigarette boxes — which inevitably seem to land on my balcony. And it grosses me out to pick up that stuff, so I asked the landlord to mention that too. He said he’d be sure to give the guy “a good talking to”.

So tonight, I took the trash out to the dumpster & stopped to get my mail on my way back. I ran into the landlord at the mailboxes, and he asked if the dude is still making racket. I said that I still hear him sometimes, but it’s gotten better (this is true). He said “Well, he just got a gym membership, so he shouldn’t be dropping any more barbells up there.” HUH??? The idiot was lifting weights and DROPPING the barbells even though he knew that someone lived below him?!?!! I mean, I’m glad that I know the source of the loud noises because I was starting to get concerned, but good grief. What a jackass.

I wanted to mention to the landlord that he should also tell the guy to put a pillow between his headboard & the wall because I’m tired of listening to him have frat-boy-jackrabbit sex with his little skank ho girlfriend when I’m trying to sleep. But my landlord is a little creepy and I didn’t really know how to bring up that subject & not feel icky about it. My mom said I should leave an anonymous note on Leadfoot’s front door about it (like “hi, I live in the same building as you, and the walls are thinner than you think, so….”). I’m thinking about going the passive route & just cranking the air filter up to “high” so I can drown them out.