strange days indeed

Things that happened today:
1. I got in a car accident. Very minor, one of those deals where everyone on the freeway slams on their brakes at once, and I did too, but I skidded & rear-ended the guy in front of me. No damage to his car (thank God, since it was my fault), but mine has a dent where his spare tire wheel bumped my hood. Oh well, could’ve been much worse.

2. I bought my fangs for Halloween. 🙂 I vant to dvink you blood….

3. I went to yoga & now I’m sore. Oh well, at least I did it.

4. I gave a Frito-Lay peanut butter & crackers thing to a homeless guy. I’m calling it my good deed for the day. My karma needs all the help it can get.

5. Shortly after said homeless person incident, I got a phone call which could potentially lead to something promising, but I’m not going to talk about for fear of jinxing it.

Thank god for Tylenol PM, otherwise I’d never get to sleep….