Well, the spooks really do come out on Halloween. I went out with Scott and the boys last night, which was pretty interesting. First off, my costume was pretty rockin’, if I do say so myself. I don’t think the false eyelashes are too noticeable in that photo, but they were black & silver… tres dramatique. And the things you can’t see in that photo include: t-shirt that says “I Bite.” on the front, mini-skirt, belly chain, thigh highs (yep, the whole garter belt ensemble, which was not all that uncomfortable except that toward the end of the night, they kept falling down, which was annoying) and knee-high boots. Very fun. I ended up nixing the fangs because they didn’t stay on very well. I couldn’t really talk when I had them on, nevermind eat or drink anything, so that idea got scrapped pretty fast.

I took some pictures of the guys, but this pic of Scott with his friend Brian was the only picture that turned out at all. I think the bar must’ve been too dark, all the other pictures are just black. The funny thing to note about Scott in that particular photo is that he was actually sober at the time, but totally doesn’t look it.

Anyway, I found out the hard way that I’m apparently allergic to false eyelash adhesive. Woke up today & my eyes were swollen & puffy. They’re ok now, but still kind of achey. Probably won’t be doing that again, which sucks because they looked awesome.

I also noticed that this is the 2nd time in my life that I have consumed Jagermeister — technically Jager Bombs, which are Jager shots dropped in Red Bull — surprisingly yummy, kinda like cherry cough syrup with a carbonated kick. However, both times have ended with me crying at some point in the evening. I suppose that could just be a coincidence, but I’m typically a very happy drunk, so I think that possibly that particular beverage is just very, very bad for me.

Anyway, the most notable costumes I can think of from last night were a guy in a giant penis outfit (the balls started around his knees & reached down to his ankles), Roy sans Siegfried (complete with stuffed tiger attached to his back with a big bleeding gash in his neck), and various and sundry scantily clad women, which was a feat in itself because it was 29 degrees outside last night. My personal favorite was the guy who was static electricity — he had dryer sheets & socks stuck randomly to his clothes — but I think that was more because he & his friend (a sailor) were very nice & gave me directions back to Scott’s place when I got lost. (Long story…)

Hope everyone else had a fun Halloween too.