"it's a tree! A treeee!!!"

My in-laws got here last night, and they’ll be staying with us until the 18th. Since they come all the way from England, they typically stay for a while when they come to visit. But it’s fun, since we usually only get to see them once a year. And Catie has changed so much since they saw her last December, it’s been a hoot so far. She’s kind of figured out how to say Grandma already, although “Grandpa Roger” is a mouthful and she hasn’t even attempted that one yet. She seems to have decided they’re both pretty fun people, though, since all of their attention is focused on her.

Today we went out for lunch and to buy a Christmas tree. You wouldn’t think that would take a very long time, but somehow it ate most of the day. We did manage to get the tree decorated when we got it home, which is cool, and one more thing I can cross off my to-do list.

The only downside of having the in-laws here is that I did so much cleaning beforehand that I pulled something in my back and I’ve been in unbelievable pain for the past day and a half. I don’t really have to clean that much, but you know, it’s that Southern hospitality gene of mine, I can’t have people come visit me when the house is a mess. So I overdid it, which is dumb, and now I’m popping ibuprofen like M&M’s, because this 30-pound toddler of mine won’t stop demanding that I pick her up. Oy.

Anyway, things are sort of hectic here with the company, but I’ll check in with pictures and whatnot over the next week or so.

P.S. The subject line is what Catie said when she saw the Christmas tree in our house. It’s pretty awesome when they’re so little and everything about the holidays is still magical and fun.

4 thoughts on “"it's a tree! A treeee!!!"

  1. Aw, yay happy tree times with the kiddies. 🙂 Yay ibuprofen. The eighth wonder of the modern world.

  2. Have you tried yoga for your back? I have about six moves I try to do daily. As long as I do them, my back doesn’t hurt — no matter how much I abuse it!

  3. Chistmas tree, according to Miss C and boy oh boy are those ornaments the best toys ever! Thank goodness for shatterproof ornaments, eh? 🙂 Glad LeBon’s folks made it safely!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your back. See what cleaning does for you? It’s no good doing it at all, I say.

    I hope you’re having a good time with the in-laws in town. If you want to all come over to my house to visit this weekend, give me a call. Friday evening would be good- I can order chinese or pizza or something. It’ll give you a break from entertaining at your house, and us a chance to see y’all.

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