Here’s my child explaining all the various animal sounds:

The dinosaur is my favorite, although I forgot to ask her about the pig in this video. She doesn’t say oink, she makes this unbelievable snorting nose that sounds like an old man snoring. It’s hysterical.

Oh, you’ll also get to see her do her “I don’t know” thing, complete with very exaggerated shoulder shrug, which never ceases to crack me up.

About halfway through, we got sidetracked into some “Wonder Pets” reference that most people probably won’t get (unless you’ve seen the episode where they save the baby kangaroo 10,000 times like we have), then she made up her own song, which… huh. Yeah. No idea where she came up with it, although I definitely heard the words “Wonder Pets” in her song, so maybe it’s her interpretation of the theme song? Who knows.

4 thoughts on “roarrrr!!!

  1. Awww, how terribly cute! I love the dinosaur roar! Its so funny to hear it coming out of such a little girl. Her other animal sounds are incredible too! Sweet that she refuses to say ‘bye, bye’, doesn’t want mama to go anywhere? 🙂

  2. That’s hilarious!!! I love her little voice. My favorite animal was the teeeny tiny bird (peep-peep!).

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