my love of British food

One of my favorite parts of having my in-laws here is the food. My mother-in-law is an amazing cook. I always feel guilty since she’s here on vacation and then we sort of expect her to cook, but she loves it, and I try to steal as many of her recipes as I can, even though I can never repeat them quite as well.

Last night my father-in-law made burgers on the grill, which were excellent, and boy, is it nice to have a night off from cooking. This morning, Mags made a huge breakfast for all of us – eggs, bacon, sausage, pork & beans (for those who wanted it – not me), and fried bread, which is basically white bread fried in bacon grease. In other words: heaven. Of course, it’s totally unhealthy and will kill you if you eat it on a regular basis, but it sure is nice to have once a year.

Tonight we’re having shepherd’s pie, and believe me, whatever impressions you might have of shepherd’s pie, you don’t know it like this. I’ve been daydreaming about her shepherd’s pie ever since they booked their flight over here. I can’t wait.

I need to take more pictures, but Roger’s been taking a lot with his camera, so I’ve been sort of lazy about it. Unfortunately, his camera is not digital, he’s using 35mm rolls of film. I know! It’s like the stone age! So strange. Anyway, here’s a few good ones that I’ve gotten so far.

Catie pointing out her favorite ornaments to Grandpa Roger
Catie’s pointing out her favorite ornaments to Grandpa Roger, which I’m pretty sure are the Sesame Street ones. (There’s an Elmo, a Cookie Monster, and a Big Bird.)

on our way out to buy a Christmas tree
I snapped this one on our way out to go buy a Christmas tree. I just love her big blue eyes.

Catie and Grandma
This is my favorite of Catie snuggling up on Mags. So sweet.

Tomorrow we’re planning to drop Catie at my next-door neighbor’s house (since Catie is comfortable with her and loves her kids) so we can go see the new James Bond movie. We haven’t done something like that since our anniversary back in May (when we went to see Indiana Jones), so I’m very excited.

Hope y’all have a great weekend.

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