Sunday with e-baby

My cousin Cat and her husband Tony moved into an apartment while they’ve been doing a huge home renovation project. We helped them when they were moving into their short-term apartment. Now, two months later, this was the weekend that they finally got to move back into their house, since all of the improvements are finally finished. Since it’s difficult to move with a two year-old underfoot, we had Elizabeth come over to our house for the day to play with Cate, and we had so. much. fun.

Elizabeth's playdate at our house

Seriously, she’s just about the easiest toddler in the world. (I’m sure her parents don’t think so, but admittedly she was probably on good behavior for us.) In fact, I’m going to claim as my biggest accomplishment of the month the fact that I got not one but TWO toddlers down for a nap in the same room at the same time. And they both napped for about two hours. Go me.

Elizabeth & Catie discuss the finer points of sidewalk chalk

We played with some of the other neighborhood kids and both girls seemed to have a lot of fun. I took e-baby home late this afternoon, and we miss her already. We had such a great time.

Elizabeth & Catie playing in the yard

I know that taking care of two toddlers might not be some people’s cup of tea, but I think we got off way easier than the people who were loading stuff onto and hauling it off of a U-Haul. The only heavy lifting that I had to do was of two adorable girl-children, and really, you could do a lot worse.

6 thoughts on “Sunday with e-baby

  1. Very cute photos of the cousins. Its great that you got them both down for nap time, in the same room no less! i am sure you wore them out completely (and vice versa!) so the nap was needed! 🙂

  2. Yeah, I was just going to say the same thing Cara did, more or less. As I was reading the first bit about them moving, I was remembering all the stress you went through getting your house ready to sell, etc. This is just what you wanted! It’s nice that you got what you want. Because you’re nice! And… circular logic henceforth from that theme…. Yes.

  3. That picture of the 2 girls on the driveway discussing sidewalk chalk CRACKS me UP! Catie looks like she’s demonstrating something, and Elizabeth is paying close attention.

    Thank you again for babysitting. We got a ton of work done, which would have been tough with an ankle-biter underfoot.

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