oh my lord, the heeeeat

We’re having a good time in Jackson, other than the fact that Cate’s sleeping schedule has gone completely haywire and she’s acting a little bit bipolar because of it. She’s been super-clingy too, but I think that’s normal with all the changes going on right now. Different house, different bed, no Daddy, no kitties, all these “new” people around (she’s met her grandparents and aunt before, obviously, but long enough ago that she didn’t remember them). It’s been really stressful for her, but she’s starting to relax now, and overall she’s doing really well.

As for me, I’m just trying to stay inside as much as possible, because oh my lord, it is HOT. I’m trying to keep Cate inside too, because she developed a really nasty heat rash all over her chest and arms after only 2 days here. It’s crazy. I miss Seattle weather already.

But we have been having a lot of fun too.

Catie and Pop-Pop

You can see the whole set here, if you’re interested. I’ll be adding more as the week goes on, I’m sure.

Oh, and Cate’s already learned that her grandparents are Mimi and Pop-Pop (she’s called them both by their names), and she absolutely adores “Dacy” (Tracy). Seriously, I don’t know what she’s going to do after we move and she doesn’t have an audience applauding her every move anymore. She will be one sad little girl with just boring ol’ Mommy and Daddy around.

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